Divvy arrives in Evanston after three years


Nearly three years after city officials first applied for a grant to fund it, the Divvy Bike Share service will officially roll into Evanston next week.

There'll be 100 bikes and 10 bike share stations at locations chosen through a lengthy public review processs.

The service is intended for short trips within Evanston, or to connect across Divvy's network of more than 580 stations in Chicago and Oak Park. 

Divvy is operated by Motivate International, Inc., which also runs similar services in New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl said Divvy will give "community members and visitors access to an easy, healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly way to complete their last mile of travel or an option for quick trips around town.”

Evanston has gained the support of sponsors, including Northwestern University, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Valli Produce, and Presence Saint Francis Hospital, to increase the number of stations and contribute to the financial sustainability of the system.

Evanston residents can sign up for memberships at DivvyBikes.com. Pricing across Evanston and Chicago are the same, with an annual membership cost of $99, or monthly installments of $9.95 with an annual commitment.

Members are entitled to unlimited use of the system for individual bike trips of up to 30 minutes. Members using Divvy bikes for longer periods will be charged incremental usage fees. There is also a 24-hour pass option for $9.95 for those visiting Evanston or trying the system for occasional use. The 24-hour pass allows unlimited use of the system for a 24-hour period, with trips over 30 minutes incurring incremental usage fees.

Corporate and community memberships are also available. With these memberships, companies and organizations can offer their employees and members discounted or subsidized membership. More information is available at divvybikes.com/pricing/corporate-memberships.

Divvy’s expansion to Evanston and Oak Park is made possible by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation, with Chicago, Evanston and Oak Park each providing the required 20 percent local cost share match for their stations and bikes.

Details about Divvy station locations in Evanston can be found online.

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