Do you care about the tower?

The proposed 49-story Fountain Square skyscraper is up for debate by Evanston aldermen again Monday night.

With all the recent tower talk, it’s time to ask — do you care enough about its height to cast a vote in our new "height-o-meter" poll?

Just remember, online polls aren’t scientific, any more than person-on-the-street polls are.

And in Chicago’s "vote early and often" tradition, you should know that it is probably possible for you to vote once anonymously from each internet-connected computer you use that has a different IP address.

So you can probably vote once from home and once from the office, but you probably won’t be able to vote once from each of two computers at home if they are on the same cable modem connection.

And being registered has its privileges! Reports are that registered users, in addition to being able to vote anonymously, get a single bonus vote by logging in and then casting a ballot.

We welcome your reports of successful (and unsuccessful) ballot-box stuffing techniques.

Ready? Now’s the time to cast your first vote.


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