One man faces a felony drug charge and another a felony gun charge after a police search of a home in the 1400 block of Pitner Avenue in Evanston.

Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan, in announcing the arrests this afternoon, said members of the department’s Special Operations Group executed a search warrant at the property about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

He says detectives found two handguns, a .357 caliber Glock that was reported stolen in Mississippi and a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

The guns police say they recovered in the raid.

He says they also found 1.5 grams of cocaine, 175 grams of cannabis, scales, ammunition and narcotics packaging material.

Xavier L. Frye, 28, of 1549 W. Birchwood Ave. in Chicago, now faces felony charges of delivery of cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school.

Nicholas Mayfield, 25, of 1460 Pitner Ave. in Evanston, was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

A third man, a 29-year-old Evanston resident, was taken into custody during the raid but released without charges.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. SWAT across from the high school

    What was the probable cause for them to send SWAT to our neighborhood for 2 handguns and weed? Please start asking the police these questions. We have high school kids who walk around this area because the high school is across the street from the house special operations busted into? We heard a loud bang, it sounded like a bomb that disrupted the entire community. Yes I am glad that police got two unlicensed handguns off the street but why did they need SWAT to do this? Black and brown Evanstonians need to stand up to this type of police action. We need to start asking more questions!!

    1. Yes, let’s state the facts then ask some questions

      Facts: These two adult males were in a house right by ETHS. They possessed cocaine (not just weed) and were apparently prepared to sell it, given their narcotics packaging material. They had a stolen semi-automatic handgun, and a Glock, and ammunition. Questions: How would you suggest that the police retrieve an illegal semi-automatic handgun, a Glock, cocaine and narcotics packaging material? These are dangerous criminal activities that called for serious police intervention. A polite note via U.S. Mail for them to turn themselves in at the police station at their earliest opportunity probably would not have brought them in. Is it possible that the police took action at a time that made sense in terms of the criminal activity going on in that house? I don’t live in the neighborhood. I am sorry that the neighborhood was subjected to a loud bang. But can you consider it a positive that the police did their job to get these two adult males, along with their stolen semi-automatic handgun, their Glock, their cocaine, their narcotics packaging material and yes, even their weed, out of your neighborhood? If the cops knew about this criminal activity and did not take action at the best time to accomplish their objectives, would that have been better?

    2. Thank U EPD for “this type of police action”

      Another outstanding job by EPD – Thank you.

      EPD had a search warrant. The police doesn’t get a search warrant just for the heck of it.

      There had to be a reason, and indeed there was..cocaine, marijuana, guns and stolen guns at that, and other goodies that suggested this house wasn’t being used for internal recreational purposes. And to top it off, it’s right across the street from ETHS!!

      Does the public want the EPD only to take action AFTER there was a shooting? Good question to ask. Survey says, “NO”

      EPD has a difficult job to do and once again they come through with another outstanding performance. Thank you EPD.

      Indeed, black and brown Evanstonians need to stand up and applaud this type of police action for keeping ALL kids safe. 



    3. This is satire right?

      The police arrested felon drug dealers with stolen handguns and you are mad at the tactics used despite no reported injuries to any party or the public.  Who do you think is “disrupting the entire community” with drug dealing and shootings, the police or the criminals they arrested? I really hope your post was satirical in nature otherwise ignorant is too nice of a word to describe it.

    4. Do you know what’s louder?

      ..the sound of the loud BANG illegal guns make when Black and Brown kids are shot.

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