Early voting for the April 5 election in Evanston starts Monday. Evanston voters will be choosing from among nine candidates to file six seats on the city’s two school boards.

County Clerk David Orr says that across suburban Cook County more than 2,100 candidates are on ballots. Many communities, but not Evanston, will also be electing mayors, aldermen, park commissioners and other officials as well as school board members.

Voting early has proved increasingly popular. Orr says 3 percent of voters participated in early voting when it was first offered in April 2007. That rose to 8 percent in April 2009. 

Early voting hours at the Evanston Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Ave., will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday through March 31. You can also vote at any of 42 other suburban sites listed online.

“You don’t need an excuse, but don’t forget to bring your government-issued photo ID,” Orr said.

State law requires early voters to display valid identification to an election official before receiving a ballot to vote early. Valid forms of ID include: a current driver’s license, state-issued ID card or another government-issued ID with a photograph.

More information on the Evanston candidates and issues is available in our Election 2011 section.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Mark Metz for ETHS

    Mark is a leader. He served as president of the Evanston Playground and Recreation Board and president of Evanston Baseball and Softball Association. He chaired the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Police and Fire Pension Funds and coaches baseball in EBSA and at ETHS. Mark also has financial expertise that the board sorely needs in these days of budget cuts.

    Mark's leadership on the issue of restructuring Freshman Humanities helped to assure the proposal was well-researched and modest and that the program will be closely monitored and evaluated. Mark is committed to maintaining and expanding excellent opportunities for all students at ETHS.

    For more information about Mark, go to http://www.MetzforETHS.com. 

    1. Please explain Metz leadership

      Please explain Mark's leadership with regard to the Humanities proposal that you speak of. Thanks.

  2. Baum pushed for evaluation not Metz!

    Mark Metz is a fine guy, but you're rewriting history here.  The Freshman Humanities proposal was sailing along toward passage without any evaluation component at all until Jonathan Baum challenged this critical omission at a public meeting.  Glad to see Metz went along with Baum's improvement of the proposal.

  3. Metz = no change

    In watching interviews and conversations, I can see the appeal of Mr. Metz, but in watching the board meetings – I see nothing.   No sense that he should present questions to the superintendent at board meetings – he simply defers to their wisdom and supports them all the way.  He purports to be for transparency and process, but has not been able to effect that change. 

    If you like what you see going on at 202 – he appears to be in a position to continue moving in that direction.  

    If you'd like to see transparency and integrity in process – I'd place that vote elsewhere.

    1. No transparency in Metz

      I too was deeply troubled when Mr. Metz explained, as the evaluation of the Freshman Humanities Honors Restructuring was discussed at the 202 Board meeting, that he had some questions, which he discussed  in private with 202 administrators, and had received satisfactory answers. What kind of questions did he have? What were they that he did not feel comfortable asking them in public? More importantly, as  I prepare to vote, what answers are satisfactory to Mr. Metz?

      That's is surely not the way in which Board business should be conducted. Board members are supposed to ask the tough questions and be thorough in their consideration of any proposal presented by the administration. I respect Dr. Witherspoon highly. He is, undoubtedly a strong leader and advocate for our children. But, on the Board I want members who are 1) dedicated to understanding the intricacies of decisions they make and 2) not afraid of asking questions, naive or difficult as they might be.

    2. Transparency and Integrity – Vote Baum

      Jonathan Baum will do what Mark Metz hasn't done – ask hard questions of the administration IN PUBLIC and will press them for answers IN PUBLIC. 

      Vote Baum for 202.


  4. Metz voted to hire PEG to tell us about race in Evanston

    D202 Board Member Mark Metz voted to spend $50,000 to hire the Pacific Education Group to tell D202 board and staff as Metz said "what it means to be white or not white in [Evanston]."

    The Pacific Education Group (PEG) believes there is "systematic racism" in schools that have a "devastating effect" on minorities, and that schools need to heighten the awareness of "institutional racism." Metz said at a Feb. 22 forum that PEG is "doing a real good job."

    So is Metz admitting that there is institutional or systematic racism at D202?   

    Of course we all know Metz voted in line with other D202 board members such as Jane Colleton to detrack freshmen honor courses and open them to ALL students who can read at the 9th grade level. Even the mighty Chicago Tribune weighed in on the issue in an editorial, saying the elimination of true freshmen honor courses is a big mistake. That was truly bad publicity for Evanston and it probably caused some harm to our property values..

    Indeed, I have to my shock talked to three parents in the past month who have put their homes on the market because they told me they want their kids out of the Evanston school system and don't want to pay the increasing taxes all because of the freshmen honors detracking issue.

    The real question most parents are concerned about is who is looking out for the bright, hardworking and motivated students because board members such as Metz are rewarding mediocrity at the expense of brilliance. 

    While Metz and Colleton ponder what it means to be white or not white in Evanston most parents wonder what it means to be or aspiring to be an advanced student in Evanston schools.

    I hope most parents vote out Metz and Colleton, the two incumbents on the D202 board. I sure will.

  5. It’s amazing to see so much

    It's amazing to see so much passion in Evanston surrounding the education of our children. Let's vote in candidates who share our passion for ETHS, it's students, and the Evanston Community.

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