ETHS enrollment continues to rise


Enrollment at Evanston Township High School has reached the highest level in 30 years according to a report presented to the District 202 School Board this week.

As of Sept. 30, ETHS enrollment was 3,693, about 2% higher than the previous year and 11% higher than in 2015-16, according to the 2019-20 Opening School Report. Ninth grade enrollment of 911 was the second highest since 1982-83. 

Carrie Levy, director of research, evaluation and assessment, said enrollment of Hispanic students at 18.8% is now proportionately the highest in the school’s history. It was 17.55% in 2015-16.

The proportion of white students has increased from 43.17% to 45.76% while the share of Asian students has grown from 5.06% to 5.77%.

The share of students who are black has declined from 30.31% to 25.89%.

Enrollment in special education programs has increased slightly over the past five years, while the number of special education students attending private or public facilities outside ETHS has decreased.

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