The Evanston Township High School Board of Education held a “First Reading” Monday night of a revised policy that students “shall be treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity.”

The policy, officially designated as Policy 7:10, goes on to say that “this shall include, but not be limited to, students having access to gendered facilities, including restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity.”

While a formal vote on the policy is scheduled for a meeting on May 1, it was apparent from the limited discussion that all members of the board supported the measure.

The portion of the policy dealing with “sex equity” is incorporated into an overall policy that stipulated that “equal educational and extracurricular opportunities shall be available for all students without regard to color, race, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, gender identity, status of being homeless, immigration status, order of protection status, actual or potential marital or parental status, including pregnancy.”

Administratively, the policy directs the superintendent to appoint a “nondiscrimination coordinator” and that the superintendent and principal “shall use reasonable measures to inform staff members and students of this policy and grievance procedure.”

The policy further directs the superintendent to “adopt appropriate procedures to effectuate this policy, including but not limited to the policy that the district shall treat and support all students in a manner consistent with the gender identity.”

It stipulates that the superintendent “shall convene an advisory committee of stakeholders, including students, to formulate recommendations on appropriate procedures to effectuate the policy that the district shall treat students in a manner consistent with their gender identity.”

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio...

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  1. Where’s the research?

    So, the school will treat a student as though he/she is biolologically the opposite sex, because the student “identifies” as such? Where’s the research from any field of science or sociology that justifies that decision–especially with regard to minors? Where is the regard for 99.8% of the student body that is not confused about their biology? Yes to reasonable supports for students who are struggling. No to policies that ask all teachers, students, and families to agree that someone is male or female who is not.

    1. If you would write something

      If you would write something like this, you’re clearly not interested in any research and certainly haven’t done any.  There is ample research on transgender issues and among the most important is research that shows that instances of school vicitimization of transgender youth through hostile and discriminatory conduct (such as the views you express) and that this leads to serious negative psychological impact on those kids. 

      That’s why ETHS has joined many other schools in creating a transgender policy that tries to be inclusive and respectful.  This doesn’t mean disregard for other students, just as recognizing that gay and lesbian students were entitled to be treated with respect at school did not take away rights from other students. 

      I think if you actually observed kids at school or talk to transgender youth, you’d find they get more acceptance from their peers than from bigoted thinking like yours that suggests that their transgender status is not real or that we should force the students back into the closet to fit your political agenda.  ETHS’s new policy will help foster an environment of acceptance.  I’m sure you don’t like that, but don’t hide behind your specious claims that there is no science behind transgender identity.

      1. So, let’s get this straight:

        So, let’s get this straight: ETHS (and other area districts) is asking girls (and boys) to be okay with a member of the opposite sex biologically being in/changing in the same locker room. If you’re not, then you’re a bigot?

        So, the school’s going to tell an adolscent girl (for example) that she should be okay with changing alongside a fellow student is male but thinks he’s female, but not okay with a male who understands that he’s male? 

         I know we live in the most liberal suburb of Chicago, but this feels like a bad dream to me. 

        Yes to treating all students with respect. No to the tyranny of the micro-minority on basic principles of modesty in a public school.

        1. Ann, please help me

          Ann, please help me understand what is behind your fear. A transgender girl is a girl and should be treated like a girl. Same for a transgender boy. In the locker room these kids are changing, nothing more. 

          1. No fear. Common sense. The

            No fear. Common sense. The basis for locker room segregation is anatomical–not “identity” based. In the context of a school, it is either is or is not okay for males and females to change in the same space. A boy who believes he is a girl is still a boy anatomically.

            So strange to have to debate this idea in the 21st century…

          2. Jessica,


            This is the crux of the problem.  A “Transgender” girl is NOT a girl.  Being female is not a matter of identifying as one…or dressing as one…or feeling like one…or wanting to be one.  Human beings are biological creatures.  We are born male, female or intersex.  We cannot change our sex.  Period.  (And just so we’re all clear…Intersex is not Trans.)

            This issue is about so much more than bathrooms.  The minute the Trans community stopped advocating for Trans identity or Trans spaces and instead demanded that they ARE the opposite sex…Trans rights have been in conflict with Gay and Lesbian and Women’s Rights.

            Both sides can’t be right.  Either biology says we are men or women…or behavior (aka society) does.  But if being “sensitive” and wanting to play with dolls and be a princess is what makes someone a girl…then, by definition, ALL girls play with dolls and are sensitive and want to be a princess.  Because any child that didn’t want those things would be a boy.  Because everybody knows that boys like to play sports and have short hair and definitely don’t like dresses.

            How is this progress?  I am astonished the same people on the Left who would mercilessly mock religious Republicans for teaching Creationism in schools…can then turn around and ignore everything we know about reproductive biology.  Men don’t get pregnant.  Women don’t have penises.  How is this even up for debate?

    2. Inclusivity of Trans Students Necessary for Evanston Equity

      Hi Ann,

      My name is Rena Newman. I use they/them pronouns and I’m an alumn of ETHS and currently a student at University of Wisconsin, Madison. I’m also transgender, and came out publicly while in high school. Gender identity (which is different from biological sex) is something that all people wrestle with and understand as a deeply integral part of who they are. Those of us who are transgender often struggle with this in more pronounced ways, and this struggle is made harder by people who insult, criticize, and often even attack our lived experience. Transgender youth have disproportionately high rates of homelessness, mental illness, and suicide because of a culture that would rather harm them than accept them. This is not because they are “confused” – this is because the rigidity of gender punishes those who do not conform, often in deadly ways. Thousands of trans youth are homeless because their parents kicked them out of their homes rather than love them for who they are. This is heartbreaking, true cruelty.

      You concern is about bathrooms. Can you imagine if every time you had to use the restroom, you had to worry about being yelled at or physically assaulted? This happens to transgender people daily. While many arguments against transgender people having access to bathrooms cite cisgender people as being the ones in danger, there are no statistics to support that trans people have ever assaulted cisgender people – while the opposite is completely true. I fear for my safety every time I enter a public gendered bathroom, and this is something that no child should ever have to deal with.

      If you are concerned about bathroom safety, consider making a proposal for floor-to-ceiling stalls, which are safer for people of every gender (as violence happens in single-gender settings as well) with communal handwashing areas. This is a truly safe alternative.

      As an alumn of ETHS I am deeply proud to come from a school that supports and promotes my rights and the rights of hundreds of transgender youth. The Evanston community has a thriving, large, and vulnerable population of transgender students, and we grow every year as more students have the confidence and support to be who they are. I am proud to count myself among them. Should even one Evanston student be made to feel like an alien in their own school? Wouldn’t you rather ETHS students graduate with a sense that the inclusion of all members of their community is necessary for them to recieve a truly democratic education? 

      1. We disagree about what an

        We disagree about what an inclusive, democratic education means. True protection and respect for a student who is (for example) a biological male but believes he is actually male would be a school culture where that biological male could and should be able to go to the boys restroom and locker room but not be bullied. Saying that the male should use the girls bathroom and locker room is doing more to teach students to fear one another than you’re willing to admit. It makes no sense whatsoever to permit a biological male who identifies as female to use the girls locker toom but not let a biological male who does not so-identify use it as well. 

        Beyond locker rooms, consider this policy implication: Is a teacher who does not “confer” gender identify on a student by referring to him/her with pronouns consistent with the student’s biology going to be threatened with a write-up? Labeled a “hater” or “ant-transgender”? Fired? 

        In a truly democratic schools, teachers (and students) would have the right to NOT have to agree to a fellow student’s gender identity label. That’s the real issue here. Love and kindness and respect in all things. But that’s different from agreeing to say that you are something (or someone) you’re not.

      1. Unfortunately, I’m a PhD and

        Unfortunately, I’m a PhD and can read the actual studies and understand what they do and don’t say, including their very significant limitations and flaws.

        1. A PhD in what?

          Based on your comments, your PhD has absolutely nothing to do with children or adolescents. Please use your love of life long learning to educate yourself. Please talk to real families who have transgender kids or family members.

          1. Jessica–We live in a

            Jessica–We live in a neighborhood and are friends with a family whose high schooler (a biological male) has decided to transition. We are more than loving to them and exercise kindness and courtesy at every opportunity. Using them as a case in point, last year (before the young man decided to transition), it would not have been okay for him to change the girls locker room. You and others are saying that it should now be okay and that the girls at ETHS should be okay with it. 

            The family’s and this child’s struggle is real and the situation is complicated. But that has nothing to do with the basis for locker room segregation, which is anatomical. 

          2. Consider

            Ann, I hope you will consider getting your neighbors’ perspective on this issue, since it is something that could directly impact the well-being of their  child. Their lived experience might help you better see why this issue is so important to transgender students.

    3. Affirming Trans and Gender Diverse Students = Best Practice

      I applaud ETHS for affirming our transgender and gender diverse and intersex students by allowing them to be themselves at school where they can learn without fear of discrimination! ETHS stands with school boards across our state and the country who are listening to doctors and making good decisions to help these students thrive our community. There are thousands of students and parents all over the state of Illinois who stand with ETHS and this great decision. 

      Critics of the School Board need to learn more about the natural human evolution of different bodies and understand that our differences are what united us. Below I list many of the countless professional organizations that stand by transgender and gender diverse people. 

      ●Lurie Children’s Hospital (

      ●American Academy of Pediatrics

      ●American College of Physicians (

      ●American Psychological Association (

      ●National Association of Social Workers (

      ●American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (

      ●The American College of Nurse-Midwives (

      ●The Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society (

      ●National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners ( )

      ●The National Association of School Psychologists (

      ●Association of Title IX Administrators (

      ●National Council of Teachers of English (

      ●Veterans For Peace (

      ●The Canadian Psychiatric Association (

      ●American School Counselor Association (

      ●American Geriatrics Society (

    4. The right steps towards equity for transgender students at ETHS

      I applaud the D202 Board for taking these steps to strengthen the school’s support for transgender and gender expansive students, who struggle disproportionately due to misunderstanding and discrimination. I hope that the Board will pass this policy, and in doing so will join the Chicago Public School system and school districts in Berwyn, Winnebago County, Williamsville, and Highland Park which have all passed similar inclusive policies. Schools that allow transgender students the option to use the changing facilities that correspond with their gender identity model non-discrimination and acceptance, whereas the current policy of segregation does not, and results in students essentially being outed by the school. Quoting from the February 12, 2016 “Open letter from school administrators regarding respectful treatment of transgender students”, signed by school administrators and educators across the country ( full text can be found here: ), “Although some speculate that policies respectful of all students’ gender identity are disruptive and impinge upon the rights and well-being of students who are cisgender (that is, non-transgender), our experience has shown otherwise: respect for a transgender student’s gender identity supports the dignity and worth of all students by affording all students equal opportunities to participate and learn. Policies that refuse to recognize students’ gender identity are not only contrary to our duties as educators, but are also simply bad public policy.”

      1.  Access

        There is nothing about the current policies that denies students access to learning. Respect for gender identity does not mean that we say you’re anatomically the opposite sex, which (again) is the basis for the bathroom/locker room segregation in the first place. All students have a right to change in a locker room where they aren’t exposed to the anatomy (or hormones) of the opposite sex. ETHS’s policy is telling parents it’s not okay to think that way.  Why do recognizing gender identity and lying about someone’s anatomy go hand-in-hand? Still confused why people are fuzzy about this issue when it comes to policy for children in public schools.


    5. Here’s the Research

      Hi Ann,
      I’m grateful you asked. Many people don’t, and that leads to a lot of misinformation. So thank you. And intruth, there’s a lot more research that needs to be done, but this is what we know so far:
      <b>1. Transgenderism isn’t biological confusion, it’s genetically and biologically based</b>
      Several studies have shown that identical twins are more often both transgender than fraternal twins.
      <b>2. Transgender women have structural “female” brains & transgender men have “male” brains</b>
      The brains of men and women have some 2 main structural variances, one being a region called the sexually dimorphic nucleus (which is believed to affect sexual behavior in animals), and the second called the bed nucleus of the stria terminalus. 

      The brain structures of transgender men more closely resemble the “male” brain, and vice versa. Additionally, transgender men have thinner subcortical areas, a male trait; while transgender women have thinner cortical regions in the right hemisphere of their brains, a female trait.
      This neurological correlation holds true for blood flow to the regions of the brain associated to human sexual behavior and consciousness (the anterior cingulate cortex and the cerebral insula) as well as for the how regions of the brain cross link.
      <b>3. Transgender womens’ brains also function like a “female” brain & vice versa</b>
      Post puberty, but still true for minors, hypothalamus responses to stimulants (stimulants that cannot be societally or environmentally influenced) also matched gender identity for transgender individuals, 

      Pre-puberty, transgender children also show implicitly and explicitly measured results consistent with their gender identity, and the results were indistinguishable from cis-children (children whose gender identity matches their assigned birth gender.)
      And these findings all are true even before a person undergoes hormonal treatment.
      <b>1. Gender-based discrimination increases risk of suicide and self-harm</b>
      Transgender individuals who face social rejection and/or isolation because of their gender identity attempt suicide at a much higher rate (as much as 82% higher) than those who have strong social support.
      Transgender individuals in states without LGBT legal protections also show higher suicide rates. Additionally, most transgender students face harassment and bullying, with more than 1/3 reporting physically assaults.
      <b>2. Internalized transphobia also increases risk of suicide in transgender individual</b>
      Societal messages are essentially the strongest external influence to our own sense of self.
      <b>1. Trans-bathroom rights have led to 0 reported assaults by trans individuals</b>
      There are no reports that anti-discrimination protections letting transgender individuals use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity have led to any assaults in public bathrooms in any of the 19 states, District of Columbia or 200+ cities that have them in effect.
      Additionally, there is no research that suggests these non-discrimination ordinances have contributed to any increase in sexual assault. Police and women’s sexual violence advocates also agree that these non-discrimination ordinances do not increase risk.
      <b>2. Trans-bathroom ordinances have led to 1 case of harassment (but it wasn’t committed by a trans person)</b>
      There was a situation in Seattle in which 2 days prior to the state’s scheduled senate vote on an anti-trans bathroom bill, a man, dressed as a man, went into a women’s locker room and undressed, citing the bill. The man (as he’s called in the reports), did not identify verbally or physically as a woman, and left when he was asked to.
      <b>3. Transgender individuals are often the victims of bathroom assaults</b>
      70% of transgender individuals have reported being physically assaulted, verbally harassed and/or denied access when trying to use bathrooms that didn’t match their gender identity, prior to anti-discrimination protections.
      <b>4. Discriminatory bathroom bills don’t preserve safety, they threaten safety</b>
      So without statistical evidence, lawmakers have cited these bathroom bills as “preventative measures.”
      These bills instill unwarranted public fear. Bathroom policing and approaching the trans community as a category like potential sexual predators, deviants, rapists and pedophiles—that’s inviting actual, documented violence against them. As one author said, it’s solving an imaginary problem by punishing innocent people. Especially when Republican lawmakers have a fairly publicized arrest records of their own misconduct in public bathrooms.
      <b>5. So if we REALLY want to improve bathroom safety…</b>
      I’d suggest we look at the issues sex-segregated bathrooms cause, such as children being assaulted while their opposite gendered parents wait outside the door.
      Sources:,,, Medical University of Vienna 2010 study,, Amsterdam VU University Medical Center psychological study,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      1. “Gender Identity” is Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman and Anti-Child


        If it has been proven (which it hasn’t, btw) that Trans people have “different brains” and other biological diiferences than others, then why aren’t those tests used to determine who is or isn’t Trans?  You can cite all the “research” you want…but the reality is that the Trans community rejects any biological requirement for being Trans.  If you say you are…you are.  Period.  Anything else is deemed Transphobic.

        The Trans community (and its allies) are saying that biological sex is irrelevant.  That it is the unproven, unidentifiable and changeable concept of “gender identity” that determines whether we are men or women.  That it is behavior and not biology that determines whether we are boys and girls.  That masculinity and feminity is what defines us.  That is absolutely horrifying and should terrify any gay man, lesbian or feminist.  Who decides what is masculine and what is feminine?  (Society.)  So, who then decides who is male and who is female?  (Society.)  Gay/Lesbian Rights and Women’s Rights are founded on the reality of biological sex.  Our movements are based on the fact that our sex defines us, but should never limit us.  Replace biological sex with the cultural concept of Gender Identity and our rights start to disappear.

        We know that the vast majority of “non-gender-conforming” children grow up to be gay men and women.  So why are we as a society creating a culture that Transes these kids?  Do children not have the right to go through puberty…to discover their sexuality and ways of expressing their sex for themselves?  

        The Left is losing its mind.  (And I say that as a lifelong Democrat.)  We say that children can’t consent to sex…that children shouldn’t be tried as adults because their brains aren’t fully developed and they don’t understand the consequences of their actions…but children can somehow consent to being raised as the opposite sex…can somehow consent to untested and lifechanging medical intervention?

        Finally, this issue is about so much more than bathroom access.  But, Misty, your dismissal of the real concerns of women and parents is appalling.  So, now sex-segregated bathrooms are the root cause for the assault of women and children in bathrooms?  How silly of me…of course letting men into the women’s restrooms will make things so much safer for women and children.

        1. Agreed that the issue is

          Agreed that the issue is about more than bathroom access and agreed with most points here in general, which are well-articulated. In light of public schools, however–including ETHS’s policy–bathroom access, locker room access, and the “requirements” of teachers (and students?) to “confer” gender identity are the primary issues.

        2. Ignorance is what has been Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman, Anti-Child

          Dear A Gay Man,

          I can appreciate that you likely have some insight into what it’s like to struggle with public misinformation and it’s consequences. I’ve worked for the past 10 years to help fight for your rights, and I hope you’ll do the same for the rights of my family.

          The reason those tests aren’t used on a mass basis is because they require expensive and intensive neuroimaging and scanning. Those costs aren’t covered by insurance, and even if they were, not everyone would want to be subjected to them.

          Also, I would agree that there is no biological requirement to being trans. At least not in what research exists. But I would not agree anything else is transphobic, nor that biological sex is irrelevant.

          I have not heard of any group saying that behavior, masculinity, nor feminist is what defines us nor what determines gender identity. Not that the Gay/Lesbian Rights and Women’s Rights are founded on the reality of biological sex. But I’d be interested if you have some information that relates to that. Also, why would trans rights limit the rights of gays or lesbians? Historically, giving one group rights hasn’t led to fewer rights to the previously privileged.

          I also am not sure what I wrote that made you think I would deny anyone the right to go through puberty, discover sexuality or sex. Also, is there some evidence that parents are raising children as the opposite sex without their consent?

          Finally, I’m certainly not dismissing concerns about women or parents. Most of the noise isn’t being made by them, it’s being made by men “looking out” on their behalf, and these efforts are taking focus off of issues that actually do significantly impact the safety of women and children. This type of unfounded fear and misinformation has been used as an excuse and a political tool to do to disenfranchise broad communities of people, and we don’t have to let it continue to happen.

          1. Misty,


            In your original post, you say that Transgenderism is genetically and biologically based citing various studies to corroborate your claim.  And yet now you agree that there is no biological requirement to being Trans.  Both things can’t be true.  If there is no biological requirement to being Trans…then being Trans is not biologically based.  That is the heart of the issue.  Gender is cultural.  Gender identity is cultural.  Transgenderism is cultural.

            The Women’s Rights movement and Gay/Lesbian Rights movement are rooted in the realities of biological sex and sexism.  We challenge the restrictive rules placed on male/female behavior.  Reject the worldview that boys wear blue and girls wear pink…boys play sports and girls play with dolls…boys are strong while girls are sensitive.  A world where men are dominant and women submissive.  Where men support their families while women nurture them.  A world where men have power…and women have none.  

            Gender Identity and Transgenderism, on the other hand, is based on these same repressive and regressive sex roles.  If being biologically female is not what makes one a woman or girl, then what does?  You and the Trans community all agree that there is no biological requirement to being Trans.  If it’s not biology, then it’s behavior.  So…having a penis doesn’t make you a boy.  Feeling like a boy makes you one.  Feeling “masculine” makes you a boy…whether you have a penis or not.  That is terrifying and it is that rejection of biological reality and embrace of cultural standards of sex roles that makes Transgenderism and Gender Identity a danger to Gay, Lesbians, Women and children.  

            We, as a society, are embracing the concept that children who act “different” than the other boys and girls are Trans.  We are placing more importance on stereotypical behavior than the biological reality staring us in the face.  You seem to think that children can provide consent to being raised as the opposite sex.  I absolutely reject that.  We know that the vast majority of children with some sense of gender dysphoria will outgrow it if left alone to go through puberty.  Most of them will become gay and lesbian.  So why are we creating a culture that is Transing these children?  

          2. Your “trans-ing” sounds a lot like “making” kids gay

            I think your misunderstanding comes from trying to equate science showing a basis and societal demands of a requirement to show as “proof”. While researchers have found structural and functional cerebral variances, we’re still far from understanding the mechanisms at work. It would be premature–not to mention dangerous–to conflate such preliminary evidence into a fool-proof way of determining gender identity.

            All of those stereotypes you mentioned that you reject, the people who fought (and still fight) for their perseverance used the same arguments you’re using now.

            I’m not sure why you are hung up on this consensual child raising issue. I’m not sure if you have children, but it’s not a requirement to raise them differently based on their gender. You can raise them to be who they are as individuals. Forcing gender roles on a children doesn’t work long term, and depending on how it’s done, it can cause a lot of harm along the way.

            Also, how do you know that the vast majority of children with gender dysphoria will outgrow it? These are high schoolers, they have gone through puberty. You seem to have a very stereotypical and confused understanding of the trans experience. Many people don’t become dysphoric until after puberty. Many people, no matter what age they became dysphoric, don’t feel comfortable coming out until adulthood, if ever. Some of them first identified as gays or lesbians because that was more societally accepted than transitioning to fit their identity.

            It’s interesting to me how much effort you’re putting into trying to delegitimize marginalized identity by arguing about the legitimacy of marginalized sexuality. There are a lot of people who would still argue that gay men shouldn’t be allowed into mens’ public bathrooms. Not so long before that it was letting black people into integrated bathrooms. You are siding with the people who fought to enforce that type of discrimination when you argue for policies based on societal ignorance and fear.

          3. Biological Sex is Immutable

            I misunderstand nothing, Misty.  You and I just have a serious disagreement.  That is understandable because we believe different things.  We can’t both be right.  Gay Rights and Trans rights cannot co-exist.  That ship has sailed.

            I think humans are born male, female or intersex.  Period.  The sex we are born is the sex we will be when we die.  It is a matter of reproductive biology.  It cannot be changed.  The fact that you are willing to overlook sexual organs and other biological sex markers and instead pontificate about inconclusive studies of the brain says it all, really.

            I am, as you said, “hung up on this consensual child raising issue” because I see where this leads.  I see the mainstream media push in places like The NYTimes that tell the story of the valiant mothers and their Trans kids.  Kids who are young enough to still believe in Santa, but can still somehow agree to be raised as the other sex.  I care about consent because gay and lesbian kids are vulnerable and most people (even enlightened liberals) would rather have a straight child than a gay one.  Those kids that don’t act the way “boys and girls should act” are now being told that they are probably Trans.  It is easier for us as a society to believe that little Billy who plays with his Barbies is a girl…than it is for us to accept that he’s just a boy who likes to play with Barbies.  And likely gay.

            You accuse me of attempting to delegitimize Trans identity.  But let’s be clear – the Trans community and its allies are not fighting for a Trans identity.  They are not fighting for Trans spaces or a “T” on their ID cards.  They are fighting for Gender Identity to replace Biological Sex as the thing that determines whether we are men or women…boys or girls.  That has serious repercussions for gays, lesbians, women and children.

    6. Gender Revolution Screening

      Hi Ann! It’s so easy to conflate sex and gender isn’t it? Did you know they aren’t the same? We’d love to have you join us for a FREE screening of National Geographic’s Gender Revolution This Thursday! Here is the link to RSVP: Gender Revolution Screening. Bring your questions for the post-discussion! 

    7. Stick to your guns


      Stick to your guns. You are right and part of the majority in the U.S.A. but not in a far-left-of-center city, like Evanston. 

      I do believe that legal students should be treated equally when possible. Illegal immigrants and those that are not a resident of the school should not be attending ETHS. I guess that the school board or somebody else is paying the tuition and fees for the illegal students. I hope Evanston taxpayers are not footing the bill. 50 students would cost the district about $ 900,000 a school year.

      The real point that Ann F, and myself, are having, how many students without “confused” brains are being denied their reasonable right to privacy? 

  2. Intolerance in Evanston will not be tolerated

    Today I think I’m transracial. Outwardly I’m caucasisan but inwardly I’m African American just like Rachel Doleaz. Anyone who disagrees is a close-minded racist. 

     Any women or man who objects to another woman trapped inside a man’s body using the women’s bathroom and shower at the high school is simply a bigot and sexist. Any teacher, parent, student or administrator who even dares to question that transgenders, pansexuals, transexuals, genderqueers, bigenders, trigenders, pangenders, postgenders, genderfluids, genderdexterous, genderbenders or agenders should have the right to use the bathroom and shower of their choice regardless how anyone else feels should be fired, shouted down and banished from our open minded progressive and tolerant community in Evanston. Any diasgreement toward the LGBT community should be criminalized. Period!

    So let’s all join hands and sing along with Rachel Bloom’s transgender anthem “My Sex Junk” sung on Bill Nye, the science guy’s, show. Every ETHS student should watch that video and sing along in the classroom.

    Liberalism is our new religion and along with that science guy, Bill Nye, will save the world.

      1. No

        No its not. IF all that is required to be the opposite sex is to feel as such, then all that is required to be a different race is to feel as such.
        Your rules.

        In fact, people of different races are far more closely linked biologically than people of opposite sex.

        I love how the left is “Here we beleive science is real” but also that men can be women, or higher taxes can control global weather patterns, and also have no idea how babies are made.

        Too funny.

  3. ETHS Students
    Is Ann saying that until a person has final surgery that person should keep out of the girls’ locker room? Because until that male part is gone, that person is a danger to students in the girls’ locker room? Because, Ann, a person can be sexually assaulted without a penis involved. Do you also think that gay boys should be banned from the boys’ locker room because they have that male organ which can be used as a weapon against another male student? Because, Ann, boys, not just girls, have body parts where a penis can be inserted.
    I just see far too many flaws in your argument that kids are only safe in the locker room if they all have the same package between their legs. I agree with the person who suggested a more private area for changing clothes — to be used by any student who wishes to have privacy.

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