ETHS Profile: Mark Metz

Incumbent Evanston Township High School Board Member Mark Metz, of 2125 Sherman Ave., is retired from a career in retirement plan services.


Metz and his wife Noreen have three children who are graduates of District 65 schools and ETHS.


Bachelor's degree in mathematics

In his own words

Opening statement at Feb. 10 candidate forum at Haven Middle School.

Nothing we do at ETHS is as important as what happens when good teachers connect with students in the classroom.

That is where teaching and learning take place. That is the business we are in. And everything else we do should support and pormote that interaction.

We are fortunate to have a capable faculty at ETHS, a talented faculty. And we must keep it that way and make it even better. So, how do we make that happen?

Well, number one we hire great teachers.

Number two, provide professional development opportunities and teacher evaluation of their performance.

And finally we listen to teachers and engage them in the process.

During my time on the board we have improved our teacher selection process, ramped up our training and evaluation, and developed professional learning communities. And I will continue to advocate for these initiatives.

Also, we need curriculum that is more rigorous, relevant, closely aligned with upper level honors and AP courses.

We need higher expectations for performance of all students. Core structure like the earned honors system will help.

We should provide equitable supports, giving kids the help they need to succeed.

And we must continually measure the effectiveness of every program at the school, make improvements to some and discontinue others that are not yielding the desired results.

We must manage our way through the current economic crisis. My experience in business and finance, and my chairmanship of the board's audit committee will be useful in promoting value-based budgeting, well-funded revenue reserve accounts, smart deployment of capital and accountability to the taxpayers.

We must look for alternative sources of funding. The ETHS Foundation, which I helped form, is a good example, and is making a real difference.

ETHS is a cornerstone of Evanston/Skokie. The school must communicate more effectively with the community. That is why, at a recent board meeting, I asked that we develop a comprehensive, strategic, external communication plan that will help the administration and the board communicate with its various audiences more thoroughly, clearly, consistently and with greater transparency.

Thank you.

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