Evanston Township High School board candidate R. Scott Rochelle, of 3300 Wilder St. in Skokie, is an attorney with Querrey & Harrow in Chicago.


Rochelle is an ETHS graduate and the son of two Evanston teachers.


Law degree and  master’s in educational policy studies from University of Illinois, Champaign. Bachelor’s from Morehouse College.

In his own words

Opening statement at Feb. 10 candidate forum at Haven Middle School.

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Good evening. My name is Richard “Scott” Rochelle, and as a second generation graduate of Evanston Township High School, the son of two Evanston educators, I am delighted to have the opportunity to pursue a position on the board of education.

I relish this unique opportunity to apply my passion for education and extensive experience in educational policy analysis to the very school that I graduated from.

I hold a masters degree in educational policy from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and I’ve spent the past 10 years working in educational policy analysis.

Furthermore I currently serve as legal counsel to a number of local school districts where I advise on a number of issues such as special education, curriculum and instruction, and discipline.

As a board member I will strongly advocate for a rigorous academic curriculum in order to preserve Evanston’s rich academic tradition.

As a product of Evanston’s honors curriculum, I take pride in the values that it instilled in me, and I will never advocate for the removal of honors courses.

Second, I will advocate for effective accountability initiatives. The board must hold itself and the administration accountable to its stakeholders. — the students the parents and the community at large.

As a member of the board, I will ensure that my decisions are based on credible evidence and reliable data.

Lastly, I will demand proactive communication. I will advocate for an aggressive outreach and communication program to better engage our stakeholders in the educational process.

I believe that effective communication is pro-active communication. It is imperative that we see increased board interaction with students, parents and the community.

I’m a proud member of this community and I have dedicated myself to education for the past 10 years.
I feel that I am uniquely qualified to bring a fresh perspective to the board, and I thank you all for having me.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Rochelle is the man

    D202 board candidate R. Scott Rochelle says "I will strongly advocate for a rigorous academic curriculum … and I will never advocate for the removal of honors courses."

    I really like this guy. Rochelle has my loyal support and vote.

    Give em hell, Rochelle.

  2. Scott Rochelle is a great choice

    I taught Scott many years ago and he was a smart, thoughtful and kind young man. The kind of student teachers never forget. He would be a great addition for the Evanston community.

  3. Is Scott Rochelle really in favor of keeping honors classes?

    Before you throw your support to Scott Rochelle based on one promise, I suggest you look at his website and his list of supporters. He is backed by the same people who have been working towards eliminating honors classes at ETHS.

    Mary Wilkerson, in her statement supporting the Freshman Humanities Restructuring stated, "I am supporting this proposal because I strongly believe that detracking and our continued commitment to excellence and equity will improve the educational outcome of ALL students. . . " " And, if any community can support the goals of detracking, Evanston, a community who prides its diversity, will embrace the District’s efforts. . . "

    This may be playing games with semantics. Ask Scott Rochelle directly if he thinks there should be an honors track at ETHS. He may be saying that he wants what ETHS is now offering Freshmen: mixed-level classes ostensibly taught at the honors level. NOT the same thing!

    1. Nothing that he has said

      Nothing that he has said makes me feel that he is going to continue the trend of removing honors classes. He's pretty much skeptical about whether this new program will work, which is a good way to be. He seems to know education so I trust that he knows how to keep an eye on the administration and hold them accountable. It's clear that's what's needed on the board.

      1. Rochelle was honors student

        Rochelle was a straight honors student at ETHS and spoke about his concerns at the League of Women Voters forum. I doubt he's going to rubber stamp too many more of these curriculum changes, especially as someone who has benefited from the honors track.

  4. Vote for a new perspective

    It's time for us to turn the page and bring in new, INDEPENDENT, INTELLIGENT, and QUALIFIED thinkers to the ETHS school board. Vote for Scott Rochelle.

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