ETHS reports getting high marks in ACT test


Forty-two percent of Evanston Township High School students met ACT college readiness benchmarks last year, according to a report presented to the District 202 Board of Education Tuesday evening.

Nationwide, only 26 percent of students are considered college-ready by ACT.

The district’s composite ACT score was 23.3 out of 36, the third highest scores achieved at ETHS since 1973. These are the second highest scores posted by ETHS students since ACT adopted a universal reporting policy.

“It’s important to note that prior to 2013, students who required extra time were not included in the reporting from the ACT, so that makes this accomplishment all the more interesting,” said Assistant Superintendent Peter Bavis.

To be considered college-ready, students must pass each subject test on the ACT. Last year, 72 percent of ETHS students passed the English section, 58 percent passed math, 56 percent passed reading, and 50 percent passed science.

Nationally, 26 percent of students met each of these benchmarks.

According to ACT, students who meet a subject benchmark stand a 75 percent chance of getting a C or better in their college classes on the same subject. However, Bavis said that these scores are not hard-and-fast predictions.

“[The scores] do not take into account students who may have a jagged learning profile, and it does not take into account the vast number of students who go on to college who are not that 42% who actually go on to graduate from college,” he said.

Superintendent Eric Witherspoon echoed Bavis’s sentiments. “We pay attention to this, I’m proud of our kids, I can’t believe how much they outpace the rest of the country on this, but take it for what it’s worth,” he said.

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