Several dozen Evanston Township High School students braved chilly temperatures and a brisk wind this afternoon to march from the school to Fountain Square downtown to demand a stop to climate change.

Protest organizers speak to the crowd.

“Extreme heat, flooding and storms have become more frequent, more intense and longer lasting in our lifetime,” one speaker said, drawing a supportive round of boos from the crowd.

The event was billed as part of a nationwide “Road to a Green New Deal” tour that was scheduled to involve hundreds of events today in communities around the nation under the umbrella of the Sunrise Movement.

Two older backers of the student protest urged motorists to show their support.

An organizer of the event, ETHS junior Callie Stolar, said the “Walk Out, Chalk Out” rally was designed to promote a 10-year mobilization to stop climate change that she said would create millions of good jobs nationwide and would improve the lives of people in Evanston.

After the speeches, students used pieces of chalk to write climate change messages on downtown sidewalks.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. ETHS education severely lacking
    Didn’t anybody teach these protesters that the climate has always been changing? And will keep on changing?

    But I guess it’s all good for a bit of publicity and to have something to write about in college admissions essays.

    1. Climate change?

      I agree. perhaps if the teachers were doing their jobs and keeping the kids in school to instruct them on basic climate science they would be better educated. Notice that its no longer Global Warming since the earth hasnt warmed in almost 20 years (unless you count he thermometers placed next to heat ducts)? These poor kids actually believe they can stop the climate from changing? So if every power source in IL was shut down (forget about freezing pipes and people) somehow the global climate would cool? Perhaps a geoography class would also help – the world is a pretty big place. Maybe expend some of that energy collecting coats for the poor who could use  a little warming right now!

      1. Okay Boomer

        Listen – despite what Sean Hannity shouts at you night after night, there is still such thing as a fact. The fact is that you are wrong, and the scientists are right. Here is one reputable source, reporting NOAA (aka US Government) data, which clearly shows that the last five years were the hottest ever recorded. Though you’ll probably just stick your fingers in your ears and cry “fake news,” as always. 

        That’s fine – your generation will be dead soon. Ours won’t be. We’re not asking for help in this fight as we know you’re unwilling and incapable of providing it, but at the very least get out of our way. God forbid we try to change this world for the better. 

        1. Nuclear

          And if we say listen to the scientist then any discussion of climate change should include support for nuclear power.  A growing number of scientist have said it is a waste of time to address climate change in the United States and not because of the climiate change deniers.  Scientist have said that the biggest obstacle to reducing emissions is the US is actually the American green environmentalist and their refusal to discuss nuclear energy.  

          In a world where energy demand will double within our lifetimes, triple in the lifetime of todays children and scientist saying we may reach a no turning back point soon enough, nuclear needs an honest discusion. 

          Many scsientist are focusing their efforts elsewhere, places where science isn’t tossed around as a meaningless phrase but will actually be acted upon.  True, the US has 100 opereating nuclear facilites, all old and out of date, many being phased out.  Only 2 under construction, all in supplying only 19% of our grid and that percentage is trending downward.

          France on the other hand has moved towards nuclear and supplies 75% of their grid, Sweden 45%, Belgium 40%, Finland to 35% and all trending up.  Small, poorer countries like Slovakia are matching new US construction and moving towards 55%, Hungary to 55%, tiny South Korea is building double the number of new plants as the US and moving towards 30+%.       

          Wind, solar, all good but factually nowhere near enough to meet todays needs yet alone future demand.  The US shouldn’t be trending down with nuclear, people thinking Kyoto accord is something more than a history of unmet goals and a relatively meaningles placebo for action.   .  

          Anyway, let the greens come at me now, probably I’m a shill for some nuclear building corporation.  Give proof why climate scientist have stated who the real obstacle to reducing emissions in the US is, not the climate deniers, it’s anyone not willing to consider modern nuclear power.

          1. comment on climate change

            Hi anon – I basically agree with your point.  Nuclear power must be considered along with solar and wind as alternatives to fossil fuels.  However, that is not the immediate problem in my opinion.  The immediate problem is that we have a President who seems not to believe that climate change is even a thing that we have to worry about.  Unless there is a general consensus that climate change is an issue that must be addressed, it is hard to see how any progress will be made.

          2. nuclear

            Trump has been in office only a couple years and hopefully he won’t be there beyond the next election.  But it’s not a blame Trump issue anyway, his is a minor time period.  The Bush & Obama administratiobns did zero to even address the nuclear subject, never broaching the topic from the bully pulpit, no attempt was ever made.  

            And why?  Because they both knew the outrage & blowback that would come from the green environmentalist movement.  Gore used certain scientist to make his film, now those very same scientist have been actively advocating the need of nuclear, but have we seen Gore stand up for that opinion of science?  Nope, he ignores it, that kind of science doesn’t play well with his base. 

            Unfortunately use of the word science by the left is primarily used to denigrate climate deniers, not an embrace of actual science nor an invitation to an open minded discussion about a realistic and major contributing solution available to us right now.  Which is why I responded to the tirade above and why so many scientist have stated it’s a waste of time to address the issue in the United States, instead focusing on places that will actually give honest consideration of their suggestions towards nuclear without having it politicized, denigrated, dismised & ignored.         

  2. Info on climate change.

    I thought the following link to an article from the National Oceanic and Atmospherical Administration would be of interest.  In this article there is a chart that plots global surface temperature since 1880.  According to the article 9 of the 10 warmest years on record have occured since 2005.  There is other interesting information in this article and it is well worth reading if you want to be informed on this subject.

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