Evanston couple makes campus photos a business


An Evanston couple has turned an shared interest in architecture and photography into an online business.

John Brzezinski, a photographer who retired two years ago as a senior construction project manager at Northwestern University, and his wife Carolyn Brzezinski, an architect and former planner for the City of Evanston, launched their University Icons website in 2013 after spending vacations and summers for a few years traveling the country taking pictures at campuses around the country.

Now that they're both retired, they've boosted the count of campuses they've photographed to about 500.

John Brzezinski told the Daily Northwestern he got the idea for the business after realizing several years ago that one of campus photos that he'd been taking for years would make a good gift for a retiring colleague.

And Carolyn Brzezinski told Fast Company this month she's learned a whole new skillset promoting the business on social media.  "Like typical small business owners, we’re doing everything," she says, from taking the photos to shipping the prints to customers.

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