Evanston indigents to get 25 percent aid boost


Evanston's Human Services Committee voted this week to raise payments to general assistance clients by 25 percent — to $500 a month.

Township Supervisor Pat Vance says it's the first increase in the assistance payments in three years.

Vance said 98 city residents are now receiving the general assistance payments.

The increase was approved Monday as part of the committee's review of the township budget for the fiscal year that started April 1.

None of the aldermen on the five-member committee questioned the increase.

The budget calls for drawing down the town's fund balance, which now is equivalent to about 14 months worth of township spending, and it reduces the general assistance property tax levy by about 10 percent.

Alderman Jane Grover said she supports those changes, saying the fund balance had been too large for a long time.

Vance and City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz said they were resuming discussions about a variety of possible cost-saving measures that the township might achieve by sharing services with the city.

Bobkiewicz noted that those had been put on hold during the advisory referendum campaign earlier this year in which voters approved continued efforts to dissolve the townshp by a 2-to-1 margin.

The budget still requires approval from the full town board, composed of the entire City Council.

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