Evanston is "a city with a soul"


Why Evanston?

1) Evanston is “a city with a soul”.

2) The 9 wards of Evanston allow people from every socioeconomic, religious, cultural background to create a home and feel good about themselves.  The 5th ward allows for a certain home price and community character that residents can embrace while the 7th ward allows for a different community character and the 3rd ward again a different. Evanston works because it allows for this diversity making it unique and gives it a soul.

3) Evanston has a history.     Great leader of business, government and movements have lived in Evanston.  From John Evans, Dawes, Hill………..

4) This diversity allows for different groups to coexist in the same city. They can go to the same schools, eat and shop at the same stores and exchange ideas from different prospectives.

The Vision:

1) Market and develop the land along the canal.  It’s underutilized and bring in technology and research based firms. 

2) Lots of parking, can jump on McCormick and be home in any part of Evanston within 10 min. 

3) They would be 5-10 min from downtown Evanston from any point in the city.

4) The University is here giving us an advantage for exchange of ideas and higher learning such as networking, internships and a beautiful city.

5) The downtown should be unique and attractive. 

6) The golden triangle(fountain square block) should be the center and I see a sculpture of John Evans along with a wall of glass or stone listing the many leaders that have shaped this community on fountain square.  Evanston would be a community that embraces its history and is proud of themselves.  The wall would have a place for future leaders that children could hope and dream one day their name would be listed. 

7) The block would be an example of adaptive re-use with small unique stores maybe around 500sq/ft such as perfume, socks, moisturizers, etc

8) Rising from the belly of this block would be a modern new concept of office space.  Management companies could buy entire floors and furnish them with conference centers, break rooms, reception areas allowing someone to rent individual offices on a month to month or year basis. 

9) Companies can buy entire floors

10)                  At the top can consider high end condos that can be custom built and furnished a new trend but has to be done with a high class builder/developer

11)                  Dylan’s candy store, a Willy Wonka concept that creates a fantasy land for kids another kind of store that would work in Evanston

12)                  H and M, Top shop or Zara all international, affordable, trendy and classy.

13)                  A Museum would be something to consider in the “golden triangle” in the fountain square area.

14)                  Stores that are indoor like an indoor mall concept.  Evanston has a lot of cold winters and it would give them a place to go. 

15)                  City hall would remain in its current location allowing for adaptive reuse and adding to the side a new and modern performing arts center.  A city hall by day and arts center by night using the same parking space along with beautiful gardens and green space.

How to make it happen?

1) Market the city with buzz words like “a city with a soul”, Evanston’s “golden triangle”, technology based firms, innovative yet community.

2) Market city in newspapers on the internet talk about what makes it great and why come to Evanston

3) Go after companies national and international and court them/ In the beginning go to them invite them to Evanston and sell them on the city and the vision.

4) Understand the cultures of the businesses and why they could see Evanston as a good home for them and their children.

5) This would revitalize Evanston and place in on the world stage as a city that cares about it self and its community.

6) This mean work, strategy and leadership.

7) It means bringing new people with new skills and ideas working with Kellogg and employing their services.  Kellogg does not give money but could provide the service and experience through case study and setting up a strategy.  I am sure they would be willing to help.   

8) This means working with the different departments at Northwestern and seeing what would bring in technology and research firms and which ones would find Evanston attractive. 

9) Northwestern will not give the city money but let them provide the service and pick their brain for ideas besides they are a part of the community and we share the same father, John Evans.

10)                  Work with the talents of its residents and see if they would provide their services to make Evanston a great city. 

11)                  People must be informed in order to act effectively as citizens and community members but unfortunately indifference is taking hold and that is worse then anger.