Police say an Evanston man gunned down on Chicago’s south side had been shot at recently in Evanston.

The Evanston Review reports Evanston police believe Blake Ross, 20, of the 2300 block of Greenwood Street, was an intended victim in recent shots fired incidents near the Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center, 1655 Foster St.

Ross was found shot in the head and body early Sunday near Rainbow Beach Park in Chicago and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Evanston police say the recent shooting incidents near Fleetwood appear to be related to ongoing feuds in the area that claimed two lives late last year.

Alderman Delores Holmes, 5th Ward, has scheduled a meeting at the community center about the ongoing violence for 7 p.m. Thursday.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Life of a criminal doesn’t have long expectancy!

    Sad,that life is gone at such young age. But a simple Google search of his name has revealed he was a drug dealer, theif, and repeat offender of law. I only wish Evanston Community would take this boys death as a lesson to teach many youth at risk aroung in the same age group that are becoming "the hoodrats" and hanging out on the street corner trying to make a quick buck illegally!



  2. Who are they talking about?

    You printed that Evanston police said the recent shooting near Fleetwood appeared to be related to ongoing feuds in the area that claimed two lives late last year. Who are the police talking about?

    1. You know

      Your son and Javar, Carolyn, are the two whose lives this fued claimed late last year.  While I feel deeply sorry for your loss, the people who are being targeted are directly and obviously on two distinct separate sides of this fued (yes, Justin too).  How long are you and your cousin, "Big John", gonna stick with that "There's no feud" story?  I just pray this stuff stops before others of us lose our kids too.

      1. Involve the feds to RICO them

        I saw a good suggestion.  Charge everyone involved in this ongoing "feud" (otherwise known as the bloodbath) with RICO crimes.  That's right — federal crimes.

        I did some research on the Department of Justice's website. From what I can tell, there are facts to support the strong consideration of RICO charges by the feds.

        This ongoing feud is a criminal enterprise — people involved in planning to break the law. The underlying state offenses include a murder, attempted murder and/or planning a murder or attempted murder.  This is continuing criminal activity, constituting a pattern. The enterprise can be any group of individual associated in fact although not a legal entity.  They are affecting interstate commerce if there is one family that moved out of state because of the violence caused by these thugs or any of the guns were purchased out of state or they came up with their plans out of state (work needed here but definitely possible). 

        Decades ago, they "got" Capone on tax evasion.  Bring the full force of federal law down on these people's unthinking and uncaring heads now and without mercy as they are showing none to our community. 

        Charge and convict everyone involved.  Seize homes and other assets to the fullest extent that the law allows.  Force these people to live peacefully with their neighbors or have them living in federal prison with no home in Evanston to return to when their sentences are up when they are in the 80s and 90s.

        I am tired of these chumps playing games with the lives of anyone and everyone just so that they can hold a never-ending grudge match.  And I am really tired of the "feud? what feud?" response from the people involved.  We're not as stupid as you think we are.  Drop the act and stop your crime spree or move out of this city now. 

  3. Shooting by Fleetwood

    So sad!!!  I loved having my boys involved in FAAM at Fleetwood with wonderful strong male role models but, I am afraid to even have them any where near there for practice or games for fear of being shot at…  So sad!!!  Uuugh!!! Put a cop on every corner around the perimeter of McCormick/Dempster to Greenbay to Ashland to Dempster back down to McCormick.  My God!  They can't go to the Burger King any more after a day at the "Y". for fear of being shot or stabbed.  Can't even ride there bike to the "Y" because they would have to go through the war zone to get there.  Emerson, Church, Dempster. Such a shame!  How will I ever get them to the ETHS safely.  I'm considering other schools.

  4. Something more needs to be done!

    Yes, this death and Dae Dae's death and so on, and so on, and so on…….  I love the Evanston Cops, but obviously something more needs to be done!

    1. Seriously?

      Seriously? This didn't happen in Evanston…what do the Evanston cops have to do with it? How about the Evanston parents?

    2. Dajae = PURE

      While I do understand your point, let's be careful about mentioning Dajae's murder with these subsequent murders and the madness that's occuring as of late.  These are totally separate incidents with victims that came from totally different worlds. I'm not saying you're equating the situations, I just don't like them mentioned together and giving anyone an opportunity to miscontrue.  I do agree, however, that something more needs to be done and I plan to be instrumental in the solution in some capacity.

      1. Respectfully Understood!! 

        Respectfully Understood!!  My point is the bad guys out in the streets killing our beautiful babies and others.  Generally speaking, in terms of the shootings in Evanston and the bad guys running around these streets day after day.  This is a small community and we seem to have a lot of cops.  What is not being done??? 

        1. It’s Our Job
          The problem is the police aren’t responsible for raising our kids. There’s this thing called accountability that our kids have to be consistently subject to when they misbehave. Instead of constantly making excuses for these children and arguing against authority, the parents of these problem kids need to be searching for meaningful ways in which to engage them and shift their focus to more productive ways of simply living life. If the streets are these kids’ environment, then that’s where we need to be.

  5. Real question about Police PR vs. effectiveness

    As the other post mentioned, Blake Ross was a well-known criminal.

    His name first surfaced to the broader public in a dramatic press release from the EPD as part of the dozens arrested in "Operation Hard Swipe."  He was arrested in September 2010 on the charge of delivery of a controlled substance.

    Conviction on this charge is normally a minimum of 4 years.  If he was found guilty and sentenced property he would still be alive.  Ross was arrested less than a year after "Operation Hard Swipe," so it is unclear what impact the drug dealing arrest had on community safety.

    We see this pattern time and again: criminals get arrested for felonies only to be out on the streets in short order.

    So the question is: what is happening here?  Are the EPD flubbing evidence collection that results in courts throwing out charges as they did in the John Bamberg case last year?  Or are we seeing irresponsible judges encouraging criminal activity by failing to punish people fully according to the law?

    City council needs to seriously interrogate the EPD to get to the bottom of this.

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