How do I sign up for free email newsletters?

Create an account on the site. From any page, click on the round “EN” logo in the lower right hand corner. If you aren’t already logged in, that will bring up this dialogue window.

Choose the newsletters you want to receive, and enter your email address, or sign up using an account you’ve already created on one of the four major services listed.

How do I change my newsletter subscriptions?

Log in, if you haven’t already done that. Then, click the round “EN” logo in the lower right hand corner of any page. That will bring up a menu. Select “Manage Newsletters.” Check the boxes for the newsletters you want. Uncheck the boxes for any you don’t want. Then scroll down and click the “Update Preferences” button.

I’m not getting newsletters I signed up for. How come?

First, check to see if perhaps the newsletters are getting diverted by your email program to a folder other than your inbox.

Here’s how to fix that.

Gmail users—move us to your primary tab

  • On desktop: Go back to your inbox and drag and drop this email’s subject line into the “Primary” tab, then click Yes on the prompt that appears in the lower-left side of the screen.
  • On mobile: Click the 3 dots at top right corner, select “Move to” then “Primary.”

Apple mail—tap on our email address at the top of this email and select “Add to VIPs”

For everyone else—follow these instructions.

If you don’t see our newsletters in any of your email folders, then it’s possible you were inadvertently unsubscribed.

This can happen if you (or someone you forward a newsletter to) unsubscribes using the “cancel” link at the bottom of a newsletter. Doing that disables your ability to manage newsletters from our website.

If you think that’s happened, send us a note using the contact form saying you want to reactivate your newsletter subscriptions and we’ll work with our newsletter delivery service to get you resubscribed.


How do I get full access to the site?

For full access to Evanston Now content you need to become a paid subscriber. To do that, click here.

How do I log in?

Once you have an Evanston Now account, you may occasionally need to go through the login process so that the system recognizes you.

Once you do log in, you should be able to stay logged in for repeat visits over an extended period of time.

If you see a message that looks like this:

Look for the “Already have an account? Log in” text at the very top of the page — in the dark bar above the popup window — and click the “Log in” button.

Then you’ll see the “Welcome back!” message.

From here there are three different ways to login.

1. Use a social media account you already have.

We think this is the easiest way. Click the button any of the major services you already use — Facebook, Google, Linkedin or Twitter — where you’ve used the same email address that you’ve chosen for your Evanston Now account. Follow the instructions on that service’s log-in screens. You’ll then be returned to our site and be logged in.

(This way you don’t have to set and remember a password for your Evanston Now account.)

2. Enter your Evanston Now email address and password

Type the email address for your Evanston Now account in the “Enter your email” field.

Be careful that you’ve typed the email address correctly. If you make an error, you will end up creating an additional account, which is likely to cause problems later.

Once you are sure you’ve typed the email address correctly, click the arrow button to the right of that field.

Then, on the next screen, enter the password you chose when you signed up for Evanston Now and click the arrow button.

(If you get an error message because the system doesn’t recognize the password you entered, you can also click the “Reset your password” link and follow the instructions the system provides.)

3. Use the “verification code” sent to your email address

If you entered your email address and the system detects that you never bothered to create a password, it will send a six-digit verification code to that email address.

The email message will look like this.

Go to your email account, open that message and enter the six-digit code (which is highly unlikely to be the “123456” shown in the example) in the popup window on our website that looks like this:

How do I update my subscription payment information?

Click on the round “EN” logo at the lower right corner of the page and then select “Manage Subscription.”

Other questions

How much can I see for free on Evanston Now?

Our home page and the section pages of our website are always free to view. Non-subscribers can view three full stories per month for free.

What is Evanston Now?

Founded in 2006, Evanston Now is an independent, locally-owned online news organization that reports community news in Evanston, Illinois. Learn more about us here.

Is there a print version of Evanston Now?

No. Evanston Now is an online-only news website and email newsletter service.

Do we accept advertising?

Sure! Reach out and we’ll be happy to discuss the options we have available.

However, since we don’t publish a print edition, we can’t meet antiquated government requirements for publication of legal notices. Sorry about that.

How can I submit information for a news story?

Use our contact form.

How can I submit information about an upcoming event?
What if I see an error in a story?

Let us know about it using our contact form.

Can I submit comments on a story?

Yes. Look for the “Leave a comment” section below each story. Please follow the guidelines in our comment policy.

All comments are moderated before publication. Submitted comments are generally reviewed every few hours during the day. Comments submitted after business hours may not be reviewed until the next day.