Evanston city officials will outline plans tonight to spend more than $2.5 million over the next decade to improve access to city facilities for persons with disabilities.

Most of the spending, nearly $1.9 million, is planned for the next three years.

The plans are part of an Americans with Disabilities Act self-evaluation report to be presented to the City Council’s Human Services Committee this evening.

The report says most city facilities are already fully compliant with the federal law, and most of the remaining problems involve creating accessible pathways and play spaces as parks.

The most expensive projects involve $600,000 to be spent over the next three years to renovate washrooms and add an additional accessible exit at the Civic Center and $500,000 to provide accessible walkways through the Ladd Arboretum.

The report only includes planned spending for city buildings and park facilities. Projections for streets, sidewalks and other public works department projects weren’t available.

The full report is available online.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. WOW

    Sounds like way more money than the city hall project should take but I guess when you include all the consultants, architects, and real costs, it might be close.

    It beats spending 2 million dollars for a parking lot for a private company.

  2. ADA Projects and ECTV lack of access, city leadership?

    Last night at Human Services I suggested the city has problems on how it does business, when Wally moved ECTV over to the service building , he knew he was not allowing disable residents access to the second floor.

    As I again pointed this out last night that he voliated the civil rights of disalbe citizens, the chair of the meeting asked him for his response.

    Wally basically used the excuse the City is broke, he was doing the cost effect thing. He also stated citizens might be upset that they would lose their right to free speach, if ECTV closed.( how about people in wheel chairs Wallly don't they have a right to free speach?)

    Is the city broke, or is the management and leadership of the city broken?   Wally claimed the council approved this, ofcourse I never heard staff bring forward the problem, that disable citizens would not have access to the second floor, for the council to act on!

    Last night during the same meeting Wally discussed, spending money to let the council members send out post cards twice a year to announce ward meetings, at a cost of $1,200 a meeting twice a year,over $20,000 of our money on post cards, anyone see the problem here? Even the council members thought this a poor idea and  poor use of our money.

    Wally did you present the option of closing ECTV and refunding the tax every users of cable pays the city each month, as we all know you have been slowly using the tax for other purposes?.

    Whats more intersting last night they talked about ADA modifications to the doors at the health department, that is they are spending $18,000 of taxpayers money to fix them? Anyone know why?  The new clinic, which wally and friends claim is costing the taxpayers ZERO dollars!

    It never ends!

    Wally newest scheme to sell the manison on the lake is interesting and appears to be following the same path of lies.  He again claims the city is broke.  The Mayor claims not any park land will be sold in the deal, but now the proposal went out as open end, you can bet land will be taken. The Mayor likes to play politics, she basically has been telling citizens in private no park land will be sold, which clearly is not true.

    What more interesting Wally and the Mayor plan to move the Art Center out of the building using our tax dollars? Will this be another sweet heart deal like the Wine and Cheese Bar? How much moeny will they give them for relocation costs , after all these years they paid $1 a year rent!

    What more troubling the City is violating its own zoning laws that is the proposal stated the city will rezone the property to what the users wants, more lack of ethics, we do what we want.? Zoning is not about spot zoing or claiming your broke and can't maintain the asset, are we about turining this town into Wallyville?

    Mayor and council how about a little leadership?




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