Evanston police arrest three for drug sales near campus


Evanston police say they've arrested three men for selling illegal drugs near the Northwestern University campus.

Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott says the arrests followed a two-week investigation by the department's Neighborhood Enforcement Team, which focuses on drug and gang activites.

Last Thursday, May 24, police executed a search warrant on a property in the 2200 block of Sherman Avenue. They say they recovered over 750 grams of cannabis and over $10,000 in cash, and arrested Michael Eaker, 35, who lived at the Sherman Avenue address.

Then on Friday police executed a second search warrant in the 800 block of Hamlin Street. They say they recovered about five grams of the illegal drug MDMA, commonly referred to as Ecstasy, two grams of LSD, a small amoung of cannabis and just over $3,000 in cash.

They arrested Tory Reiss, 22, a Northwestern student who lived at the Hamlin address.

Parrott says police timed the raids for just before the annual Armadillo Day festival on campus in an effort to cut the availability of illegal substances to people attending the Saturday event.

Based on the investigation, Parrott says, police learned of another individual selling illegal drugs to Evanston residents.

That led to the execution of a search warrant today at an apartment building in the 5400 block of North Sheridan Road in Chicago, where police say they recovered 63 Ecstasy pills, 178 tabs of LSD, a small amount of cannabis and just over $1,800 in cash.

Arrested at the Sheridan Road location was Roman Egorov, 24. Parrott says that in an interview with police Egorov admitted that he often sold drugs in Evanston and around the NU campus.

Eaker has been charged with felony possession and possession with intent to deliver cannabis.

Reiss has been charged with three felony counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and  misdemeanor possession of cannabis.

Egorov is charged with four felony counts of possession and possession with intent to deliver controlled substances and misdemeanor possession of cannabis.

Eaker and Reiss are scheduled to appear in Skokie district court at 9 a.m. June 4; Egorov at 9 a.m. June 11.

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