Evanston referendum committee ends quarter in debt


The political committee organized to support the failed District 65 school construction referendum in Evanston ended March unable to fully pay its debts.

In a filing with the state board of elections this week, Citizens for a Better Evanston reported raising $8,947 for the campaign and paying bills of $7,368.

But that left it with just $1,579 on hand to pay a $2,617 bill from Quartet Digital Printing of Evanston.

As previously reported, major contributors to the pro-referendum campaign included NEPCO Inc. of Mount Prospect, a construction firm that has done work for District 66, which contributed $2,500; Susan Greene of 922 Asbury Ave., who this week's report says gave a total of $1,317, and school activist Terri Shepard of 150 Barton Ave., whose donations totalled $1,050.

Other donors, first identified in this weeks report, include:

  • Leonard Lopez, of Dallas, Texas, the CEO of ESI, Inc., $600.
  • Christopher Deeney and Martha King of 2312 Grey Ave., $400.
  • Nicole Greene, 922 Asbury Ave., $250.
  • JAC Masonry, Inc., of Lake Villa, Ill., $200.
  • Maiya Leupton of 2509 Prospect Ave., $200.
  • Bobby Burns, 2527 Jackson Ave., $175.
  • Eamon Kelley, 1510 Asbury Ave., $175.
  • Anne and Clarence Sills, 2343 Lincolnwood Drive, $175.
  • Leslie Luning of 2315 Ridge Ave., $150

The only school board member listed as contributing to the pro-referendum group is Katie Bailey of 1619 Ashland Ave., who gave $200.

And State Rep. Robyn Gabel contributed $250 from her political committee.

The group also received what was described as a $4,000 in-kind contribution from filmmaker Susan Hope Engle, who produced a documentary promoting the referendum.

Other than the unpaid Quartet printing bill, the committee's biggest expenditure was $1,785 for advertising to the Evanston RoundTable newspaper, which endorsed the referendum.

The committee also paid $540 to Blue Island Newspaper Printing, the RoundTable's printer, to print an advertising insert in the paper.

Other expenditures included:

  • $946 to Dupeshop of Minneapolis, Minn. for document duplication.
  • $650 to Union signs and Printing of Joliet for lawn signs.
  • $600 to Mike Summers of Evanston for website development.
  • $547 to Evanston Imprintables for t-shirts.
  • $500 to Winding Creek Group of St. Louis for robocalls.
  • $402 to Sam's Club for food for various campaign events.
  • $310 to Boocoo to rent the space for an election night party.
  • $275 to Busy Beaver Button Co. of Chicago for campaign buttons
  • $217 to Carmen's Pizza for food for the election night party.
  • $165 to 1-800 Flowers for flowers on election night.

No group opposing the referendum has filed reports with the state. Groups are only required to file if their contributions or expenditures hit the $3,000 mark.

Voters rejected the referendum on March 20 by a 55 to 45 percent margin.

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