Evanston ‘summit’ on economic development set


The City of Evanston will host an Economic Development Summit on Friday, May 18, to gather ideas for implementing the city's economic goals.

While the event may not have quite the cache of the NATO summit the following week in Chicago, Evanston's event will be open to the public, and business owners, residents and employees are invited to register online for the event by May 11.

The Economic Development Summit will run from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the Parasol Room of the Civic Center.

The event will include two sets of five break-out sessions.

The first round will feature industries targeted as priorities in the city's economic development plan — arts and entertainment venues; health care and wellness; technology-based or enabled businesses and “start-ups;” “baby boomer” markets, and water-related industries.

The second round of break-out sessions will discuss traditional growth areas for the city — retail; applied skilled industries including Manufacturing, Production, Construction; office and professional services; work force training programs, and the educational and non-profit market

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