A 17-year-old Evanston youth has been charged in connection with a shooting incident Friday near the Old Orchard Mall in Skokie.

Skokie police say Rayshawn Taylor of 1932 Jackson Ave. has been charged with one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm and one count of unlawful use of a weapon.

Skokie police responding to a 911 call of shots fired in the 4800 block of Golf Road about 9:45 Friday night found a male juvenile lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Taylor’s bond has been set at $250,000 with electronic home monitoring. He’s scheduled to appear in court on the charges May 31.

Skokie police have said the shooting was not a random incident.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding,

    You've got to be kidding, electronic monitoring. This scum should be at 26th and California. 

  2. How about attempted murder?

    How about attempted murder?  Wasn't that what he was trying to do?

  3. Didn’t the police and city clean up the 1900 block of Jackson?

    I recall a few years back the city gave two police officers an award for reducing crime on Jackson Ave. They claimed they reduced the number of incidents from over 1,000 to under 100. While this may be true, it looks like they did not get rid of the criminials.

    I put the blame on our crime problem on our Mayor, who has done little to deal with the real issues, versus her own agendas.Her NSP2 program appears to be creating more problems to undermine the neighborhoods than improving things.  It appears she has created a new high intensity housing project in the 5th ward which in a few years when occupied will produce even more new crime.

    1. Crime is out of control

      Maybe if the Mayor would make it mandatory for all police officers and city worker to live in Evanston they would care more about making the city a better place for the rest of the Evanston residents. Something has to change the crime is out of control.

      1. Yeah, because mandatory

        Yeah, because mandatory residency for Chicago Police Officers and Firefighters is working so well in the murder capital of the country.

        1. Murder capital

          "Yeah, because mandatory residency for Chicago Police Officers and Firefighters is working so well in the murder capital of the country."

          Edison Park is really safe.  So is Mount Greenwood.   

          You won't find many Chicago cops living in Englewood.

          1. The same thing would happen

            The same thing would happen in Evanston.  The cops and firefighters would move to the same areas of town, avoid the west side and Howard St. completely, send their kids to private schools outside of town, and nothing would change.  We're lucky that our tax dollars are not being spent on federal residency lawsuits in which police and fire departments are winning across the country every year.

    2. What makes you assume that

      What makes you assume that people living in NSP2 housing are the criminals? In order to even live in the NSP 2 housing you have to make a certain amount of money and you have to submit to a background check so your assumptions are completely ridiculous. Many of the people who live in those housing units are law abiding citizens who go to work everyday just the same as you but they happen to make a salary of only $30,000 a year instead of $100,000 a year. The people living in the NSP2 are the residents that are beginning to help improve the 5th ward. 

      And your comment about not getting rid of all the criminals the kid in this article is only 17 which means back when the police were "cleaning up" Jackson this kid was only 13. What did you want the police to do kick out every single person living on Jackson?  So put the blame on the landlords not doing background checks and the landlords not keeping up with the people living in their apartments who are not listed on the lease. Put the blame on the irresponsible parents not raising their kids and not keeping track of what their kids are doing.

      So put the blame where it belongs and next time you post a comment please know your facts before jumping to silly conclusions. 

    3. 1900 Jackson

      Apparently he was so scared to do anything on Jackson, or even in Evanston, he went to Skokie to commit his crime!

    4. Maybe the blame should go back to the referendum vote

      It was just over a year ago that the white-majority wards in Evanston voted down the referendum for a fifth ward school.  Every non-white-majority ward voted for the referendum.  When white citizens in this town tell the citizens of color what is best for them, what message does that send?

      When citizens of color ask for a neighborhood school in the fifth ward and other wards where whites are the minority support them, but the white-majority wards vote it down . . . well, when will we as a community sit and listen to the voices of those we suppress?  Until then, perhaps it is our lot to live under duress.

      1. Stop hatin’

        So you're saying that this murder and the crime problems in Evanston is because  "the white majority wards in Evanston voted down the [new school] referendum?"

        So you say Evanston whites are suppressing the voices of non-whites so therefore whites deserve to live under "duress?"

        Really? I think you left out the part that whites are privileged.

        It is this poisionous politically correct progressive mentality that prevents pragmatic and real solutions to crime, poverty and education. Four decades of liberal welfare policies have destroyed families and damaged our way of life.

        1. Corrected

          I meant we are all under duress and we are all, to an extent, privileged, but you right.  My bad.

      2. Not all minorities voted for a 5th Ward school

        Not all minorities voted for a 5th Ward school. As a black person living in the fifth ward I voted against it. I think it's good for kids to go to diverse schools and having a school in the 5th ward would essentially segregate the schools. Kids need to be exposed to different races, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.  Plus all the money that would have been spent on that new school would be better spent on the existing schools we have. If the referendum would have passed I would have continued to send my kids to King Lab and would not have sent them to the new 5th ward school. So the white majority listened to my voice. 

  4. Good job to the police

    Good job to the police for charging someone promptly.  I know charges are up to the States Attorneys office and I am curious as well why attempted murder was not charged. 

    This is a clear cut example of how this state feels about gun crimes with the simple fact that he was released to electronic monitoring.  This type of crime should be no bond and it goes further to sentences for gun crimes as well.  You can get sentenced to multiple years for a gun charge but get boot camp which is only 3 or 4 months and be out.  If the state changes the mandatory limits on years in jail for crimes and keep repeat offenders locked up longer, it could do some real good.  As far as first time offenders, a three year sentence, which means they are out in about18 months, means nothing and accomplishes nothing.  You see on the news all the time about some parolee charged with another weapons offense for a shooting or possessing a gun. 

    You can limit guns and the purchasing of guns all you want.  However, street criminals will ALWAYS be able to obtain guns.  That will never be stopped.  There are so many guns already out there that are so easily accessible to criminals.  Gun crime offenders, both first time offenders and repeat offenders, need stricter penalties in the court system.  Thats the bottom line.  At least that's my opinion. 

    I am curious to see what sentence Mr. Taylor will face if convicted.  17 years old and most likely his first gun charge.  I am guessing he doesn't do more that 2 years for the shooting.  Only time will tell. 

  5. Maybe the other guy had a gun

    How do they know that the other guy didnt have a gun? What if he had a gun? Why didnt they go deep into that? Im sure there was a reason to this. 

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