Evanston voters remain deep blue


Precinct-level results for Tuesday's election released today show that Evanston voters remained true to their reputation of heavily favoring Democratic candidates.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin got 83 percent of the vote in Evanston, compared to 53 percent statewide.

Gov. Pat Quinn got 75 percent of the vote in Evanston, compared to 46 percent statewide.

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky got 83 percent of the vote in Evanston, compared to 66 percent across the entire 9th District.

For Schakowsky the percentages were almost identical two years ago when she faced Timothy Wolfe instead of Suzanne Atanus.

Schakowsky drew her strongest support this year, better than 90 percent, in the 2nd and 5th wards, and had her poorest showing, under than 80 percent, in the 1st and 6th wards.

Turnout this year in Evanston this year was just under 55 percent of registered voters, compared to nearly 78 percent in the presidential election two years ago.

Turnout this year was lowest — between 12 and 20 percent in two 7th Ward precincts covering the Northwestern University campus and in the 1st Ward's 1st precinct — which includes an area of largely student housing just west of the campus.

The highest voter turnout, nearly 68 percent, occurred in the 6th Ward's 7th precinct in northwest Evanston, with the next highest, just under 67 percent, in the 7th Ward's 4th precinct.

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