Evanston votes to abolish township


Update 5:49 a.m 3/19/14: Evanston voters have chosen by a nearly two-to-one margin to abolish Evanston Township.

With returns in from all 53 precincts, the yes vote was 4,776 to 2,738 no votes. That's a 63.56 percent vote for having the City of Evanston take over the township's responsibilities.

The voter turnout in Evanston for the referendum was low — just 18.79 percent of registered voters.

In the three races for judge in the 9th subcircuit, with 254 of 256 precincts reporting:

  • Megan Goldish won with 48.66 percent of the vote to 42.59 percent for Jerry Esrig and 8.75 percent for Nathan Myers. Esrig carried the suburban precincts, but failed to overcome Goldish's large lead in Chicago.
  • Former Evanston alderman Anjana Hansen won with 62.89 percent of the vote to 22.41 percent for Monica Forte and 13.71 percent for Thomas Kougias.
  • Abbey Fishman Romanek won with 35.36 percent of the vote to 23.23 percent for Michael Strom, 21.41 percent for Thomas Cushing,8.92 percent for Brian Alexander, and 9.81 percent for Michael Otto.

All these judicial contests were in the Democratic primary. The Republican Party didn't field candidates in those races.

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