The City of Evanston’s Fire and Life Safety Services has begun a recruitment campaign following the City Council’s approval this week of giving preference points to applicants who live in Evanston.

The City of Evanston’s Fire and Life Safety Services has begun a recruitment campaign following the City Council’s approval this week of giving preference points to applicants who live in Evanston.

“Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services is seeking motivated and progressive thinking individuals who will be committed to excellence and professionalism,” explained Chief Greg Klaiber.

The department will hold informational sessions on March 19 and April 26 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Evanston Township High School, 1600 Dodge Ave. At the sessions, potential applicats will learn about the application process, qualifications, training opportunities and benefits.

Klaiber says the department is committed to providing a diversified and well qualified work force. A systematic approach to job enrichment begins with recruit training and it continues throughout an employee’s career.

Training and experience enables a firefighter to progress into various assignments and ranks within the department which include: Firefighter/Paramedic; Hazardous Material technician; Special Rescue Specialist; Water Rescue; Fire Inspector/Investigator; and Fire Officer.

Applicants must be able to react quickly and calmly in emergencies, make effective decisions under stress, establish working relationships with the public, provide fire protection, prevention and safety services.

As a condition of employment applicants must obtain State of Illinois Firefighter II Certification, Paramedic License, Hazardous Material Operations Certification and a minimum Class A – Non CDL drivers license.

Applicants must Be between 20 and 34 years of age (if over 34 years of age, must currently be a firefighter/paramedic); be a citizen of the United States; be a high school graduate; be a licensed driver; have normal color vision; and have the ability to complete and pass firefighter/paramedic education and certifications. A full job description is available online.

Applications are available at, by calling 1-800-343-HIRE or e-mail at

For questions about the firefighter/paramedic position not related to the application or process, call 847-448-8191.

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  1. Nice work if you can get it

    So the city is hiring more Evanston firefighters?

    Not one Evanston firefighter has been laid off, furloughed or lost annual pay raises and overtime pay during this Recession.

    Nice work if you can get it.

    I wonder if the city would hire an applicant who refuses to join the Evanston Fire Union? Answer = No ( thanks to collective bargaining!)

    Meanwhile, the rest of us in Evanston endure higher property, income and gas taxes and higher utility rates.

    1. I’d need to join a union?

      I considered applying for one of these positions, but…I would need to join a union? That's a deal-breaker. I would never join a union of any kind for two primary reasons:

      1) It's wise to be careful with the company you keep. Why would anyone intentionally get involved with such an army of corrupt half-wits & thugs?

      2) I don't need a union. The quality of my work speaks for itself, thus eliminating any need for the artificial job security provided by unions.

      The Oracle has spoken.

      1. I wish that those who put

        I wish that those who put forth would include their names.  With regard to unions, I urge the Oracle to go to the Illinois Labor History web site ( and the Democratic Party of Evanston web site(

        Ted L. Loda

        1. Oversight

          Your simple reference to the DPOE shows perhaps the most overlooked problem with Unions today…. their coziness with one party.

          Rank and file Union Members are not the problem.  They are the ones who pay the dues (and frankly have no control where that money is spent). 

          The problem is with Union Leadership and the back scratch relationship with your party… as most evident with the Obama administration today.

  2. Nice work if you can get it

    So Al, I have read your previous posts on most topics. I have a question for you – are you saying  we all need to share the pain?  Ok , I'm in.  But when the economy recovers I expect you to be right back here demanding firefighters (and police) get a raise that is equal to the growth in our economy. 

  3. Firefighter Applicants

    There will be most likely hundreds of people interested in this job. Out of those hundreds there most likely will be dozens of well qualified applicants.  What does this tell us?  That the position doesn't need the high salary and great benefits to attract qualified applicants.  It is simply the law of supply and demand.  If the firefighters were underpaid, overworked or if the job was too dangerous; no one would want to apply for the job.  We will see that is not the case. 

    I fully appreciate the work that the firefighters do however we need to draw the line when it comes to pay increases or increased benefits.  There is a limited city budget and we will see more than enough qualified applicants for this job.

  4. The 14 missing Wisconsin

    The 14 missing Wisconsin senators must be alive and well and living in Evanston!!!

  5. Those who can’t do…Hide

    Al- If it such an easy job why don't you apply? Oh, I know! You are far more comfortable tearing down our public servants, anonymously, from behind your keyboard. Also, it is the city that recruits, tests, and hires city employees. No unions have a hand in the hiring practices of the city, and I highly doubt the city polls applicants on their intentions regarding joining unions. I suggest you do some research beyond what is written on this site. That said I would like to thank our city employees for their pride and hard work. Regardless of how some of my neighbors treat you, you are always prompt, and professional in my experience.

    1. Local government unions have not shared in the pain

      Thankful citizen – I just might apply for the job. Thanks for your concern about my well-being.

      I'm not tearing down public servants: I'm tearing down government unions such as the Evanston Fire Union whose interests is solely its self preservation and not Evanston taxpayers.

      Last year, the Evanston Fire Union filed a lawsuit against Evanston on charges of unfair labor practices after the city laid-off three firefighters in budget cuts. The end result was the city agreed to rehire the firefighters and allow a third-party arbitrator to make any future decisions on layoffs if the Evanston Fire Union dropped its suit.

      Now that settlement is totally in favor of the Evanston Fire Union and takes away MORE control from the city. It also sets a precedent for other local union groups who might argue for the same sweetheart arrangement. Most if not all City Council members have received government union campaign donations. This is what collective bargaining does – it provides favorable treatment for government unions at the expense of local taxpayers who see their taxes consistently rise to pay for these union favors.

      Keep in mind, most Evanston Fire Union members do NOT live in Evanston.

      I never said unions have a hand in hiring. I did say that accepted applicants have no choice but to join the Evanston Fire Union and pay their set dues.

      Illinois needs to become a right to work state and strip some of the collective bargaining rights from government unions in order to provide tax relief from overburdened property owners as well as allow new hires a choice to opt out of joining a union. How the Evanston Fire Union played the city is the perfect example of the inherent conflict of interest between government unions and elected officials – almost 90 percent of all union campaign donations and support go to Democrats.

      Thankful Citizen writes that "those who can't do hide." Notice how Thankful Citizen is anonymous.

      1. Not certain about the union setting city hiring?

        AL – I am not certain about your statement

        "Last year, the Evanston Fire Union filed a lawsuit against Evanston on charges of unfair labor practices after the city laid-off three firefighters in budget cuts. The end result was the city agreed to rehire the firefighters and allow a third-party arbitrator to make any future decisions on layoffs if the Evanston Fire Union dropped its suit. '

        I agree the city rehired the fire fighters but the union agreed to take the same wage concessions as the other unions.  It was my understanding the city did not agree to allow the union to set hiring levels.

        Maybe I missed something?  Anyone else know? ( Bill ?)

        I just heard today the city maybe proposing closing a fire station, along with the ecology center, Noyes and Chandler.  Only second hand information – but I am hearing this from several sources.  This may be coming up on March 22 at the special council meeting on the budget. 

        I think the unions are starting to understand the situation last night on channel 11 news they talked about a city – Central falls in Rhode Island – it is broke the state has taken it over and the pensions are in question – as I was stating the weaker cities are starting to fail,  I think the unions understand the mess we are in, in Wisconsin it appears the unions are willing to give back – pay and pay more for health care.( regardless of the issue of collective barginning)

        The March 22  city of Evanston budget meeting should be quite interesting.

  6. Staffing level can remain the same – staff should change

    The city must control costs.  I see no reason why a certain percent of fire fighters should not be contract employees.  I am not suggesting any current employees lose their jobs at this time.  I would think it quite reasonable to have 10% to 20% contract employees.

    Will the economy improve soon? Does not appear to be happening fast enough.  I think firefighters in Evanston are very aware that fire fighters are getting cut in other communities that are not as well off.  ( ie Gary Indiana )   Will the city need to close a fire station in the future? That depends how the economy goes. 

    The city can not raise taxes beyond reasonable levels – that is a few percent.  If the city had not taken the cuts over  the last few years and the manipulations property taxes would have increased 40% to maintain the status quo.

    It does not appear to me the city is helping matters any – the recent under estimate of sale of yard waste stickers by almost $700,000 is most unfortunate,

    As for pensions- it is becoming very clear they have been way over promised, for all government employees at all levels – and are not going to be paid in full. I believe the city can still keep on paying them in full for at least 5-7 years . But clearly Evanston  is going to have future problems.  I recently read in several states currently employees are now giving back some of their pensions payments a very bitter pill.

    None of this is pleasant, I did not like to see the news story of Gary firefighter with a family of five out on the street begging for cash. I blame our political leaders more than anyone else for the mess we are in.

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