Japan, the United States, and the Future of Asia

The Brookings Institution and the Buffett Institute will gather experts from Northwestern, Washington, and Japan for an afternoon of discussion on U.S.–Japan relations.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 20, 1–4 PM 

WHERE: Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 601 University Pl., Evanston, IL

Registration is free but requested.

Panel 1: Japan’s Security Challenges

Japan faces several challenges in ensuring the country’s security, both physically as more advanced military capabilities increase Japan’s vulnerability and psychologically as the reliability of the United States, Japan’s security guarantor, seems less certain. Panelists will discuss how Japan and the United States are tackling these immediate and long-term threats as well as the issues drawn from the economic and social foundation of security. After having remained safe by not threatening others after 1945, must Japan confront the inevitability of assuring its own security by joining the United States in demonstrating firmness in the face of hostility from others?

Panel 2: Japan and the Evolving Regional Economic Architecture

Asia’s economic architecture is evolving as it adapts to twin shifts in capabilities and governance. China’s economic footprint continues to grow as it carves a visible role in infrastructure finance for developing Asia and portrays itself as a champion of trade multilateralism. The United States maintains robust ties of economic interdependence with the region, but the Trump administration has called for a reset of U.S. foreign economic policy under the mantra of ‘America First.’ In this fluid environment, Japan is aiming for an expanded role in shaping Asia’s regional economic architecture. This panel of experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges Japan faces in this leadership bid.

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Mar 20 2018 - 1:00pm