The third and final session in Evanston’s series of race dialogues will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Jan. 24 in the gymnasium of the Robert Crown Center at 1701 Main St.

The series of dialogues is entitled “My Evanston, My Neighbors:  Constructive Dialogues on Race, Understanding, and Our Hopes for Evanston.”

The final session, which will focus on institutional racism, was preceded by earlier dialogues on Aug. 9 and Oct. 25. It will feature multiple discussion groups where residents will discuss institutional racism in the community.

The topic was chosen as a result of input from the first meeting as well as “recent events” in the community, according to a news release from the city.

Residents attending this session will also be encouraged to remain engaged in alternative forums, events, and activities related to race relations.

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl. who said that Evanston’s diversity helps define the city as “a wonderful community in which to live, work, and play,” said it is her hope that these meetings “will go even further to enhance our community and the understanding of the myriad of unique people who make it whole.”

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio...

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  1. What “recent events”?

    "The topic was chosen as a result of input from the first meeting as well as recent events in the community."

    What are the "recent events in the community" that made people want to focus on the topic of "institutional racism"?


    1. City Hall says “Oops”

      That's a good question, and I forwarded it to the city for a response. Here is an emaiI I received this morning from Eric Palmer, the city's community information coordinator:

      "There was a minor error in the release as it was taken from the press release we used for the October dialogue on race. I have eliminated the sentence referencing “recent events.” We apologize for the mistake and ask that you correct the story…."

      So consider the story corrected, and thank you for raising the question.

        — Charles Bartling, Evanston Now

      1. Racial hucksterism alive and well in Evanston

        The upcoming "dialogue" on institutional racism was "preceded by earlier dialogues." I see. There is no clear  evidence of institutional racism in Evanston but if we keep saying there is people will eventually believe it.

        Did I miss the topic on "white privilege"? When you tell people of a certain race they are privileged and benefit from "institutional racism" then it's hardly a constructive dialogue. It's an insult.

        D202 is paying PEG (Pacific Education Group) tens of thousands of tax dollars each year to tell the D202 Board and administrators that there is "institutional and systematic racism" at ETHS. The irony is that fat cat school bureacrats break test scores down by race, which in of itself, is the soft bigotry of low expectations. If you hear over and over that that you can't perform as well in school as people of a different race don't you think you might internalize that, especially if you're a child?

        Racial hucksterism is prominent in the People's Republik of Evanston. The winners are bureacrats and businesses. The losers – our children.

        1. I absolutely agree, and hope

          I absolutely agree, and hope we can get clear positions from each of the D202 board candidates on where they stand vis a vis PEG and the consistent detracking of high school classes. I know many kids and teachers (afraid to speak out) who say this is a disaster, particularly in biology, which used to be quite a rigorous class at the honors level.

        2. Is this your answer?

          Perhaps if you keep assuring people that white privilege doesn't exist it will just go away on it's own?

    1. Non- existent

      What "doesn't count"? Are you trying to say that racial profiling exists? Where? Within what context? I'd like to hear your thoughts. I agree with the previous post and must ask…what recent events triggered this? Once again in true liberal fashion, this city cannot let a serious crisis go to waste!


    2. Not a case of institutional racism

      If anything this is evidence that structural racism in our public institutions is minimal.

      The detainment of the kid was done because he met the description of a suspect.  When it became apparent through witness testimony that it was a different suspect, the kid was let go.

      I am suspicious as anyone about internal investigations like this, but I find it telling that the parent of the kid is not going to sue the city and rather focus on a single officer.

      We'll see where that case goes, but even if she wins it would evidence of an individual instance of racism and not institutional.


  2. PEG = Critical Race Theory

    "llinois’ Evanston Township High School is one of PEG’s clients. Education Action Group has learned that from February 2009 through January 2012, the school has spent $234,330.61 with PEG for training sessions, copies of Singleton’s “Courageous Conversations” book, “District Equity Assessments,” among other things."

    There is a good description of PEG and it's intentions for schools – the article mentnions ETHS –  at the following link.   Please note EAG news is a righter leaning blog than some on Education – which may be good or bad.   It does have a bias, but having watched enough meetings with PEG – this article does a really good job of explaining what it means to adopt their philosophy.

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