Firms can offer customers ‘free parking’

Evanston businesses can now offer their customers free parking in the city’s garages. 

CPS Parking, which manages Evanston’s three downtown garages, now sells prepaid, one-time-use parking tickets at a rate of $2.00 that let customers park for free for two hours.

The tickets are blank so businesses can add personalized messages, logo or art. They are ideal to encourage customers to enjoy a leisurely stay, and are also good for special events with several visitors and longer stays. Tickets are sold in multiples of ten and are specific to the city garage the purchaser chooses.

Rates are 0-1 hour: Free.  1-2 hours: $2.00.  2-3 hours: $3.00.  3-4 hours: $4.00.  4-5 hours: $5.00.  5-6 hours: $6.00.  6-12 hours: $8.00.  12-18 hours: $11.00.  18-24 hours: $13.00.

Purchase tickets at the third floor CPS Parking office in the Maple Avenue Self Park garage, 1820 Sherman Ave., (847) 866-9240.  Or order by mail from the Parking Division, City of Evanston, 1200 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL 60201.

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