Firms get deal on money-saving signs

The Business Alliance for a Sustainable Evanston and the City of Evanston have announced a campaign to replace 1,250 exit signs in town with super-efficient, long-lasting LED models.

Between now and May 31, any Evanston business or building owner can sign up to have their old exit signs replaced – installation included – at a flat price of $75 per sign. And, small businesses can receive $20 per-sign rebates from ComEd, to make their payback period even shorter.

Replacing the signs is expected to meet five percent of the commercial building efficiency goal in Evanston’s climate action plan by eliminating over six million pounds of carbon dioxide discharge into the atmosphere.

Campaign organizers say LEDs reduce electricity demand for exit signs by up to 95 percent compared to incandescent signs. And LED bulbs last about ten years before needing replacement, garnering lifetime energy and maintenance savings of over $900 per sign. New LED signs typically pay for themselves in less than a year.

More information is available online or by calling (312) 496-6810.

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