First alderman endorses defunding Evanston police


Cicely Fleming.

Alderman Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, in a newsletter to supporters today, said she supports defunding and even abolishing the Evanston Police Department.

Fleming said defunding is “urgent and past due.” 

She said Evanston residents who call 911 about many quality of life issues are taking actions “rooted in racism and white supremacy.”

She questionned whether police should be called about many such issues, from a homeless person sleeping in the park to a homeowner using a leaf blower..

“Why does having armed officers deal with your intoxicated neighbor make you feel safe?” she asked.

“Defunding is a reasonable and achievable government action,” Fleming added, “I am ready to fill our community with more services while working towards making Evanston a place where we don’t equate safety with guns and arrests, a cti ythat acutally practices radical racial justice.”

At Thursday night’s Equity and Empowerment Committee meeting, Alderman Melissa Wynne, 3rd Ward, while not saying she embraced defunding, said, “We are hearing from people,” adding that she had received “maybe 300 or more emails in the last week about defunding the police department.”

Wynne said she found it interesting that so many of the names on the messages she recognized as friends of her own children — an age group that otherwise “we haven’t heard from very much on Council.”

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