Former 1st Ward alderman Art Newman offers his take on this year’s Evanston election campaign in a cable access channel interview.

In the show Newman argues for higher taxes, downtown high rises and high pressure on Northwestern University to cough up more dough for the city.

While stopping short of a formal endorsement, he also makes clear his preference for mayoral candidate Elizabeth Tisdahl and bashes aldermanic candidates who’ve said they wouldn’t raise property taxes.

Newman claims that given the city’s financial problems, property tax increases are unavoidable.

The hour-long program will air tonight at 7 p.m. on cable channel 6 in Evanston. It is also available online through the links below.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. If Art isn’t endorsing Liz why did he give her $200?
    Bill go on the State election site – Art gave Liz $200 for her mayorial campagin – looks like an endorsement to me. What do you think Bill?

    More of the same they are going to raise the taxes and screw up all the capital projects and waste money.

    I plan to sell bumper stickers after the election
    ” Don’t blame me I did not vote for LIZ “

    1. Endorsement?
      Hi Junad,
      The story only deals with what Art said during the program — not what he may have said or done on behalf of any candidate in a different context.
      But, thanks for researching the contribution reports.
      — Bill

  2. Why isn’t Art Newman Running For Office Himself?
    I had the unfortunate experience of meeting Mr. Newman last December, while getting signatures on my petitions for getting on the ballot for 7th ward alderman. Mr. Newman declined to sign my petition, but kept loudly asking what my ideas were for the City. I replied: ” The City is in such bad shape financially that we need to find surpluses in the 6 TIF districts”. He loudly yelled at me that the TIF’s bring in 2 million dollars and where was I going to get the 2 million from? Mr. Newman was so out of control, he demanded I tell the whole station about my plans. While I tried to back away from him, he started yelling about me to another person, so I finally had enough and asked him to his face: “If you’re so smart and full of ideas, why don’t you run for office? I found out shortly thereafter when my sister walked in that this man yelling at me was Art Newman. Ald. Moran was waiting for the train that a.m. and when I relayed the story to him, he felt that Mr. Newman bears some responsibility for the mess we are in now. My sister felt that perhaps Mr. Newman the was angry and upset that I didn’t recognize him. I’ve heard since, that Mr. Newman is a divorce attorney, he is no doubt a very good one. He certainly scared me enough to wait out in the cold until he took his train downtown. Art Newman (D-Tisdahl). “Tax’em Tisdahl and Mr Newman make a great ticket. They deserve each other, but the long suffering taxpaying citizens sure don’t.

    Kevin O’Connor
    7th Ward Aldermanic Candidate

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