Fountain Square tower plans updated

Developers of the proposed 708 Church St. tower project reportedly have submitted new materials about the project to the city.

The Evanston Review Friday quoted the city’s zoning administrator, Bill Dunkley, as saying the city had received the new materials, which were dated Thursday.

Dunkley declined to provide details about the substance of the new submission.

The City Council this month adopted a downtown plan that calls for a 385-foot height limit for the Fountain Square block, but it has yet to adopt zoning changes to implement the plan.

The tower project was submitted under the city’s existing zoning rules, which effectively give the City Council discretion to authorize any building height it chooses for planned development projects downtown.

After the original proposal from developers James Klutznick and Tim Anderson for a 49-story tower appeared likely to be rejected, they reduced the proposed building’s height to 38 stories.

That version of the project was tabled by aldermen last year when it appeared it was likely to fall one vote short of the six-vote super-majority required on the nine-member council for it to win approval.

The motion to table was structured to postpone action on the project until after the downtown plan was adopted.

There is no new material on the project in the packet for the City Council’s Monday meeting, so it’s likely that any action on the project would be deferred until a later meeting.

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