Voters in just four Evanston wards will have a choice for alderman in April. Two more challengers filed petitions by Wednesday’s deadline, doubling the number of contested races.

 In the 1st Ward, Edward Tivador of 807 Davis St. will challenge incumbent Judy Fiske.

Tivador bought his condo at Sherman Plaza in 2007 and was appointed last year to the Citizens Police Advisory Committee. He is school superintendent in Northbrook Glenview District 30.

Fiske, the owner of a pet supply store, will be seeking her second term on the council

In the 2nd Ward, James C. Dyer, of 1620 Pitner Ave., will challenge incumbent Peter Braithwaite.

Dyer, a  home improvement contractor, spoke against a landlord licensing ordinance at a City Council meeting this fall.

Braithwaite will be seeking his first full term on the council after being appointed to fill a vacancy.

The two contested races that developed earlier are in the 6th and 8th wards.

Mark Sloane, a certified public accountant and president of the Central Street Neighbors Association, is running against Mark Tendam for the 6th Ward aldermanic post after losing to Tendam by a narrow margin in a three-way race in 2009.

And Thomas K. Just, of 327 Sherman Ave., a broker with The Apartment People rental agency, is challenging long-time incumbent Ann Rainey to become 8th Ward alderman.

The rest of the city’s incumbent aldermen, along with Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Clerk Rodney Greene, will be running unopposed.

That’s a sharp change from four years ago when five incumbents chose to retire from office — leading to a number of aldermanic races with three candidates and a four-way race for mayor.

Township races

This year former township assessor Sharon Eckersall was the only candidate fo file for that part-time job, after Bonnie Wilson, who defeated Eckersall by a 72 to 28 percent margin in 2009, decided not to seek a second term.

Two candidates filed earlier to run for the part-time job of township supervisor. They are Keith Banks, of 2125 Washington St., the executive director of the Evanston Community Development Association, and Gary Gaspard, of 415 Howard St., an adolescent treatment counselor at Youth Outreach Services.

School elections

In District 65, the Wednesday addition of Sunith Kartha of 1309 Leonard Place makes it five candidates running for four board seats. Only one incumbent, Tracy Quattrocki, is seeking re-election. Also on the ballot will be newcomers Candance Chow of 2614 Thayer St., Claudia Garrison of 1430 Crain St. and Peter Kaplan of 2200 Bennett Ave.

Kartha is an attorney, Chow runs her own consulting business, Kaplan, is a senior manager with Deloitte & Touche and member of Evanston’s Community Emergency Response Team and Garrison is a retired teacher who taught at Haven Middle School.

In District 202, eight candidates had already filed for four positions and no new ones showed up Wednesday.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. I thought we voted to get rid of the township?

    I thought we voted to get rid of the township?  What gives?

    1. Township

      I believe that the Township of Evanston balances their budget.  Why would you want to get rid of the Township or does the City want their money to spend so they do not go further into the hole!!!!!

      1. Township

        We should get rid of the township because it's redundant, as easy as that.  No need to waste ANY money.

    2. Not quite

      We voted to approve the Council's further exploration and/or pursuit of Township dissolution.

    3. Advisory only

      The referendum was advisory only.  State law only allows counties as a whole to disolve townships — meaning all of Cook County would have to vote to abolish townships — a very difficult feat.  

      Some wanted the referendum to send a message to Springfield to change the law; others thought that if it went to court the referendum outcome would override state law.  The former may have happened, the latter was something the City never pursued (probably because they would lose).

  2. Rainey Rainey Go Away

    Rainey Rainey Go Away It's time for the reign of Rainey to end and the terror and harassment citizens and business owners in her district have endured can now end. Vote Thomas Just!!!

    1. Terror and harassment — please explain

      "[T[error and harassment of citizens and business owners in her district" — please explain to what you are referring.  No need to include any individuals' names but please provide some specifics. 

      Also please provide information on Thomas Just's qualifications.  Does he have a website that gives his position on any issues facing the city?  Thank you.


  3. Tell us more about Tivador

    "Tivador bought his condo at Sherman Plaza in 2007 and was appointed last year to the Citizens Police Advisory Committee. He is school superintendent in Northbrook Glenview District 30."

    It sounds like he has impressive qualifications.  We could use someone on the council who has experience with public administration, dealing with constituents (parents), and working with public sector unions.  

    and he is also familiar with police issues….

    He certainly appears to be better qualified than Judy Fiske. 

  4. Eliminate the Township NOW

    You ask, "Why would you want to get rid of the Township..?"

    Let me count the reasons, ONE MILLION DOLLARS per YEAR!!

    Yes, Evanston taxpayers can SAVE (not spend more money) ONE MILLION DOLLARS per Year, each and every year.

    The Township structure is antiquated, it's duplicative, especially in Evanston. Some Townships in more rural parts of Illinois serve a more useful purpose.

    Let's CONTINUE to provide the services for the poor. BUT let's do it in a more cost effective manner.

    Is bringing efficiency to government a BAD IDEA?

    Many people in Evanston are struggling to pay their rent, pay their mortgage, car payments, buy food, etc.

    Wasting money with a redundant Township, especially in Evanston where the boundaries are the same (or very similar) is unacceptable.

    Eliminate the Township NOW

    1. Saving?

      Thomas Paine:  The legally required functions of Township government must still be provided.  The Township has no debt, has a balanced budget, non-unionized employees and has lowered the property tax levy requested for next year. 

      Evanston City government can't pay for the services it now provides residents with.  The city has borrowed, or authorized borrowing, 85 million dollars already.  They keep shifting revenues from other streams to keep afloat.  Costs increases for health care and unionized staff keeps labor costs going up.  How can anyone expect the City to provide the same required services as the Township at a lower cost?  Doesn't seem possible to me or anyone who can do basic math.

    2. City and Township Real issue

      I have always supported less government and cost savings, but giving the city the role to run the township?

      The city council and Mayor are not even running the city right now.  All you have to do is looking at their goals and what they talk about at council, 99% of the time they have little of value to add to discussions.  These are the same people who allowed a 1.4 million dollar screw up to occur with the yard waste stickers that added a 3% property tax increase to your bill,  By the way there are other items worst than this, involving theft of our money.

      By the way some years back the city run a duplicate structure to general assistance of the township, they spent $1 to give out $1, it was totally mismanaged. Is the Mayor intelligent enough to use our tax dollars wisely, Curts Cafe is a very recent example, no analysis, not review of the applicant, etc, just hand over $15,000. Since they believe it will have some effect on gun violence.

      All the city council and Mayor will do is add this to thier patronage, anyone see whats going on here?  Wally is raiding many funds to take care of pet projects of the Mayor and council, ECTV funds have been raided by Wally to support his own uses.

      At the last council Burrus even suggested funds are being misused, in regards to Curt Cafe, that is it was not even Economic development.

      Anyone who thinks there will be a cost saving, does not realize what will happen, the funds will be mostly taken for others uses, and the tax will not disappear.




  5. Redundant? Hah!

    Where else can an Evanston resident receive General Assistance?  Where can I get help paying my electric bills?  Did you ever try the County for help filing a property tax appeal?  Did you ever miss an exemption on your property tax bill?  Where can I go for someone to explain why my property taxes keep going up even though my property value dropped by 50% the over the last five years?  Please let me know who else can explain the property tax system.  Maybe you can?

    1. Redundant, Yes!

      Pay your own electric bill yourself, like me, that way I don't have to assist you with my hard earned money.

      I looked on the county website to file an appeal for myself and you know what, it worked!  It's not really that hard.   Here are the websites for the county if you are not sure how google works: ( &  If you have no electritiy because you can't pay your bill, try the computer at the library (you can use it for free).

    2. Simple reason why your property taxes go up

      You don't or shouldn't need to have a redundant Township to explain why your taxes are going up even though your property value is going down.

      Many people are frustrated by this fact, property taxes going up even though their home value is going down.

      Simple answer, local, county and state governments are spending more money each and every year and need more tax revenue to provide the funding.

      However, your home value is only a "proxy" for the "total amount taxed." The government is using your home value as an indication of your wealth and basing your "fair" share on this approach. They use inaccurate measures like "assessed value" and incorporate a "fudge factor" or "multiplier" to get to the needed tax number to pay their bills.

      So even if your home market value (how much someone would pay you for your house today) goes down 40%, and your assessed value (what the government is using) goes down 20% your taxes may likely go UP because the government is spending more money. The government will use a larger "fudge factor" or "multiplier" to get to their needed revenue number.

      It's that simple. And you don't need an EXPENSIVE and REDUNDANT Township to explain this to you.

      ELIMINATE the TOWNSHIP and save EVANSTON TAXPAYERS some money.

  6. The Rainey Harassing Reign Continues Ughh!

    The Rainey Harassing Reign Continues Ughh! Thomas Just has withdrawn from the 8th Ward Alderman race. This conveniently happened after Rainey raised questions about his paperwork. I guess we all know who is behind this? Vote her out! She is a modern day dictator in the 8th Ward and most of Evanston for that matter. If all else fails, Evanston needs to institute a limitation to the number of times an Alderman can run, so we can get rid of her for good.

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