Evanstonians unhappy about unsavory types said to hang out at a mini-mart just over the Chicago line at Howard and Hoyne can get a free ride tomorrow to a Chicago city hearing about shutting the store, thanks to their alderman. Ponzi can picture it now.

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  1. How about a helping of facts to go with that comedy?


    City of Evanston employees are driving in a small van to the City of Chicago hearing.  Interested citizens can ride in that van if they want to attend the hearing.  Not one extra nickel of city expense for a few interested citizens to ride along and make the point that the mini-mart needs to be closed.  It's not a rented bus.

    If you lived near this mini-mart, you would understand why the neighbors want it closed.  It's not kids in the crosswalk or "unsavory types" causing a little unconvenience.  It's gangbangers, drug dealing and shootings that lead us to believe that this mini-mart creates a negative and damaging environment in our neighborhood and, in light of these problems and due to its many ordinance violations, it should be closed.

    Please support your southside neighbors in this important endeavor to help increase the safety and livability of our community.  Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the comment

    Skipw – thank you for the comment, whats not so funny, is the use of public resources of any amount for an Alderperson agendas.those that go today should pay there own way.

    One poster on Ann's Rainey 8th ward quicktopic web site stated the following:

    Those of us in the neighborhood have a host of negative stories about this place (I think last year or the year before they were the source of the only eggs thrown on Halloween, not to mention being cited by the health department, carrying drug and gang paraphernalia after the Alderman specifically asked them not to, and constantly replacing the trash bin and free newspaper stand even after neighbors and police pointed out it was being used to stash drugs and should be removed.)

    It's not just a collection of minor annoyances, and it doesn't just affect our little neighborhood – this establishment is a resource-suck for both police departments. In the past, they've been cited for selling bootleg records, not to mention there was a murder directly in front of their front door in broad daylight, and more recently a shooting. This store needs to go.

    The only item here about the store itself, is the claim they sold bootleg records. The rest, while it may not be liked by Ann and her friends , it does not appear to show the store broke any other laws.  By the way what Alderman asked them to remove the trash bin?  Why should a chicago store listen to an Evanston Alderperson? The neighbors would complain next trash was on the street.

    The 8th ward isn't North Evanston or down town, wine and cheese bars or a theater will not correct the problems.: I think the neighbors down there have a right to organize and protest, about issues, they may be approaching the point of going after businesses and citizens unfairly.

    Citizens are constantly being named on the web site, and pointed out as to their criminal background. As a private site with limited access of just the neighbors this might be OK, but Ann has chosen to make this public,

    There are issues with the 8th ward quick topic, and its users.


    1. left some stuff out

      I think it was more than just records and garbage cans. If you inquire with Benard 2424 on the chicago side, I'm sure he would be glad to provide you with a more detailed list. Not to mention the ones leading the effort to close this store are Chicago Residents, not the Evanston Alderman or 8th Ward Residents. They are simply along for the ride and to give a voice.

      Since the store sits directly across from Evanston, the issues it has do directly affect Evanston and Howard Street as a whole.

      Just want to make sure the whole truth about this issue is clearly understood and not mis-represented as you are trying to state in your comment above.


  3. More on the business in Chicago some wanted to shut down

    I found the following from the hearing interesting

    "Chicago Police then made their 12 month report. 59 service calls all of which were gang or drug related with 2 miscellaneous. These calls resulted in 23 arrests. There were 16 service calls made from inside the store"

    Is this alot of calls?  How many times do 8th ward residents on Ann's site call the police?  One would suspect alot?

    I recall a couple of years ago, the city of Evanston gave two police officers an award for cleaning up the crime on a block of Jackson Street in the 5th ward where there were almost 1000 calls in one year!   How many arrests occur in the 5th and 8th ward yearly?  Almost every week the 8th ward web site, talks about those with criminal records in the neighborhood and posts their pictures.

    So there is alot of crime at the store, anyone know how many calls the police handed in the 8th ward?

    Is this store, having alot more crime than other stores in Chicago with similar neighborhoods?

    Bottom line the hearing did not close the store, the store was told to do a few things to improve, its still in business.  Good thing we live in the United States where alderperson can't close down  a business, just because they don't like them. Ofcourse they can still give our tax dollars away for Wine and Cheese Bars! Things aren't perfect yet.

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