What is Evanston Now?

Founded in 2006, Evanston Now is an independent and locally-owned online news organization that reports community news in Evanston, Illinois. Learn more about us here.

Do you print a newspaper?

No. Evanston Now is an online-only news website.

Do you accept advertising?

Sure. Reach out and we’ll be happy to discuss the options we have available.

What about legal notice advertising?

Since we don’t publish a print edition, we can’t meet antiquated government requirements for publication of legal notices. Sorry about that.

How can I submit information for a news story?

Use our contact form.

What if I see an error in a story?

Let us know about it using our contact form.

How can I submit information about an upcoming event?

Use our event submission form.

How do I sign up for and manage newsletters subscriptions?

Click on the round “EN” logo at the lower right corner of the page, or use this link to sign up for newsletters and manage your newsletter subscriptions.

I signed up for newsletters but am not receiving them. How come?

This can happen if you unsubscribed from a newsletter using the cancel link at the bottom of one of the newsletters. Send us a note about the problem using our contact form and we’ll have our newsletter delivery service, MailChimp, send a message to your email address that will let you resubscribe.

How much content can I view for free on Evanston Now?

We offer all visitors free views of three stories per month. The home page and section pages are always free.

How do I get to view unlimited content?

Support independent local news by signing up for a paid subscription. And thank you!

How do I update my subscription payment information?

Click on the round “EN” logo at the lower right corner of the page and then select Manage Subscription, or click this link.

Can I submit comments on stories?

Yes, but only if you are a paid subscriber to the site. Subscribers see the “Read or leave a comment” button at the end of each story.

What if I have other questions?

Just get in touch using our contact form.