A contributor to State Rep. Robyn Gabel’s election campaign is seeking to have her Libertarian Party challenger kicked off the ballot.

Susan Greene, of 922 Asbury Ave., who runs the health-care consulting firm Susan Greene & Associates, filed the objection to Libertarian Steve Funk’s petitions with the State Board of Elections this afternoon, shortly before the 5 p.m. deadline.

Gabel, a former lobbyist for women’s health issues, has drawn strong support from segments of the health care industry.

Funk submitted over 3,300 petition signatures a week ago. The minimum number of valid signatures required is 2,561.

Funk says he’s confident that enough of his signatures will be found valid to keep him on the ballot. But he’s asking supporters for donations to help fight the objection.

Greene says she believes Funk doesn’t have enough valid signatures — that many are from people who live outside the district or who are not registered to vote or appear to be invalid for other reasons.

She says, “I’m supportive of any potential candidate petitioning to get on the ballot, if he or she meets the threshold of the law.”

Gabel, who won the five-way Democratic primary in February, was appointed in April to fill the unexpired term of incumbent Julie Hamos, who quit to take a job in the Quinn administration after losing her primary race for an open congressional seat.

She faces no Republican or Green party opposition in the fall election.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Keeping challenger off ballot

    Wait. Let me get this straight. If the Independent candidate for the Illinois district is kicked off the ballot, then Robyn Gabel will run unopposed. That is, she will be the ONLY choice for the district’s voters. Somehow, that stinks. The local Democratic party seems to be doing an end-run around the democratic process.

    Oh, right. This is Crook–I mean, Cook County. Of course dirty politics is the order of the day. And what was that about Susan Greene having close onnections to the health care lobby? How pure are her motives? And which corporations have already contributed to Robyn Gabel?

    Just wondering. I like to be an informed voter, as well as a resident of Evanston.

  2. Reminds me of…

    A certain Illinois candidate who went on to become our current President of the United States.  Did Obama also somehow get his opponent removed from the ballot that put him in the senate seat? 

  3. Voter Petitions

     Dear Ms. Gabel:

    You are absolutely right. It’s disgraceful that someone should want to run against you. It convinces me not to vote for you.

    -Bob Schwabach



  4. Why even bother with elections ?

    The Democrats realize they have the Illinois/Evanston voters anyway and so can make any promises they want [esp.  to unions and selected contractors], get the lemming’s votes, and raise taxes no matter what they promised.

    So why waste money on an election.  Whether they get the vote by blocking candidates or just trusting they will get the votes by default, they win—-and we suffer.  Of course they feel no shame about this.

    1. Why bother with election rules?

       Why bother with election rules (like the one requiring a certain number of valid signatures to get on the ballot) if they aren’t going to be enforced?

  5. Crook County?

    Requiring valid signatures to become a valid candidate is one method to reduce "dirty politics", not enhance it. Otherwise, any Tom, Dick, or Harry could claim to be a candidate.  Any serious political candidate who cannot gather the required signatures from enough potential voters to qualify has no business wasting taxpayers’ money and voters’ patience.

    The "dirty politics" claim is more valid when we hear attempts by Joe Berrios to disqualify Forrest Claypool from the ballot by claiming otherwise valid signatures are not valid because of some dubious legal technicality.

    1. Our Past

      In the 2005 Evanston municipal election, two candidates had their petitions successfully challenged and subsequently ran as write-in candidates. One overcame the challenge and sits on the City Council to this day: Lionel Jean-Baptiste, who was in fact running for re-election. The other candidate, Ryan Garton, was challenging Steve Bernstein in the 4th Ward and was not elected.

      At the time there was outcry over dirty politics, though the challengers defended themselves with the rules. Mr. Jean-Baptiste’s petitions were disqualified because the box for the office sought was blank. Mr. Garton’s were challenged for a variety of irregularities in the petition forms, including blank boxes. A properly filled-out form is as important as the signatures affixed.

      This sort of challenge seems to be part and parcel of Evanston politics; I would have been more surprised if someone hadn’t challenged the petitions.

  6. Evanston Politics

    I totally agree with all of the comments.  The Democratic Party continues to elect, appoint or maneuver a candidate of their choice into an office.  Unfortunately, the candidates are not qualified.  I was a victim of their "slick" process in the last election. Now, I am running for Cook County Assessor against Joe Berrios who is supposedly one of the higher level crooks in the County.  Even the Democrats don’t want him in office so they have put up Forrest Claypool to run against him as an independent.  Neither one of these gentlemen have the proper credentials.  Out of 102 counties in Ilinois, Cook is exempt from having their Chief Assessing Officer qualified by having the C.I.A.O. (Certified Illinois Assessing Officer) designation.  I have maintained by designation for the last 14 years by taking another 45 classes of continuing education.  I hope Forrest Claypool is on the ballot because if Berrios wins, he will be able to appoint another unqualified person to his position as Cook County Board of Review Commissioner which would then be vacant.  Berrios’ campaign funds have come from two major law firms who he deals with through the Board of Review; Cullerton and Madigan.

    We need to stop this by checking to see who is and who is not qualified.

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