[VIDEO] Three of the four Evanston mayoral candidates told voters at a forum Thursday night that they don’t see gentrification as a problem in Evanston these days.

But one suggested that tax increases are making the town unaffordable for all its residents.

Preventing gentrification — the replacement of residents of one income level with those who make more money — has been used in recent years as an argument in at least three controversies in Evanston:

  • By opponents of proposals for developing mostly vacant industrial land on the city’s west side
  • By proponents of restrictions on teardowns, primarily in north Evanston, and
  • By opponents of downtown redevelopment.

The forum, sponsored by the Central Street Neighbors Association, was held at Haven Middle School.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Tisdahl if elected would further harm Evanston property values
    Tisdahl is quoted as saying “we have ample time to look at our zoning to be sure gentrification doesn’t happen.”

    In other words, Tisdahl is proposing that city government should make sure only a certain group with a certain income can live in Evanston.

    When property values rise in a neighborhood or town then gentrification occurs – people with higher income move in. So, logic dictates that Tisdahl wants to be sure our property values don’t rise.

    For many homeowners, the value of their home is their only major asset. Do homeowners really want a government official to use the mayoral office to try and keep property values down?

    Tisdahl is supported by the union, she wants more rentals in Evanston and now she wants to prevent gentrification and harm our property values.

    There are three better choices – Opdyke, Dinges and Lindwall

    1. just say no to Tisdahl
      Anonymous Al says:

      “Tisdahl is supported by the union, she wants more rentals in Evanston and now she wants to prevent gentrification and harm our property values.

      There are three better choices – Opdyke, Dinges and Lindwall”

      I agree on Tisdahl…she is definitely the worst. Let’s look at the other candidates:

      1. Lindwall:

      The Central Street NIMBY Association says:
      “.. but urban planner Jeanne Lindwall, an ECRD activist and a political ally of Judy Fiske who sued Ald. Cheryl Wollin after the last election, has been telling people for months that she is definitely running.”

      and Lindwall
      “was helpful to the Friends of the Civic Center”

      So Lindwall is an ECRD activist, who assisted in the attempted suppression of NU voters, she wants to keep the wasteful branch libraries, she opposes the Tower and wants to pour money into keeping the current Civic Center.

      She is as bad as Tisdahl.

      2. Barnaby Dinges:

      Barnaby the Public Relations Guy. “Free” parking downtown, and not much substance otherwise. At least he isn’t part of the tower-hating crowd.

      3. Stuart Opdycke :
      His campaign adds mention that he is a ‘lifelong Evanston resident’, which I find annoying, but other than that he seems to be the only grown-up in the group.

    1. where’s the beef?
      “Issues” at Barnaby’s site:

      1. Given a $93-million budget, Evanston shouldn’t be running a nearly $3-million deficit. Budget priorities need to be changed; I do not support any tax increases for city government. Read more

      No deficits and no new taxes! Hooray! And cookies and ice cream for everyone! Let’s see the specifics – where are the spending cuts? Where are you going to get more money?

      2. Evanstonians should be urged to boost local revenues by shopping in Evanston for gas, groceries, gifts and other goods.

      I will shop at whatever place has what I want, at a good price, and is convenient for me. Sometimes this means buying stuff at the Whole Foods or CVS in downtown Evanston, sometimes it means stopping at the Treasure Island at 680 N Lakeshore when I am teaching in Streeterville. Anyway, I don’t think that we’re going to see much in sales tax revenue in the near future, regardless of who is mayor.

      I’m not going to eat at the Evanston IHOP when the Skokie IHOP is nicer. I’m not going to shop at the Evanston Target when the Targets on Willow or Roosevelt are nicer. Enquiring minds recognize no borders in the pursuit of delicious pancakes, household goods, or truth.

      [ If I want to buy a new television , should I buy it in Evanston for $600 when it is available somewhere else for $500? How about I just buy it for $500, pay an extra $50 in property taxes, and spend the other $50 at the IHOP in Skokie? Isn’t that a better deal for everyone? ]

      3. * Northwestern University needs to step up and make an appropriate contribution to the City of Evanston. It’s time.

      This is a dead end. Not going to happen. NU is tax-exempt. Time to move on.

      4. I will advocate more aggressively and effectively for Evanston in its partnerships with Skokie, Wilmette and Chicago.

      OK..but I don’t think that they will supply any funding. They have budgets to balance too, and they aren’t just going to write a check to Evanston.

      5. We need to invest wisely in Evanston’s vital infrastructure, and develop a holistic vision and plan for Evanston to better manage long-term growth, especially in a tough economy.

      Where will the money come from to do this investing? See point (1.) above – no tax increase. And what’s this ‘holistic’ stuff? Is Deepak Chopra going to be the city manager?

      I don’t see any substance. I just see Barnaby promising free parking, no taxes, and hoping someone else (NU? Skokie? Santa Claus?) will pay for it.

      So I ask, Where’s the beef? Barnaby’s platform looks like fluff to me.

      Of course, Stuart Opdycke doesn’t offer a whole lot of specifics either..but at least he admits that bashing NU is unproductive, and he doesn’t badmouth development. (I’m not sure if he supports wasting money on the Civic Center, but that doesn’t matter – eventually financial realities will force the Council to abandon the wasteful Civic Center anyway.) Like I said before, he is the only grown-up in the race.

      I am not enthusiastic about Opdycke, but if we eliminate the towerphobes (Lindwall,Tisdahl) and the NU-bashers (Barnaby,Tisdahl) and the union hack and the PR guy —there is, unfortunately, only one candidate that Enquiring Minds can reluctantly support.

      1. Mr Who you need to get out and meet those running for Mayor!
        Mr Who

        Go to a forums and talk to people – reading statements on the internet is OK – but you will get a much better picture of each one at a forum, You should also go up and talk to each.

        By the way Mr Who – Baraby Dinges is closer to you, than you think, the Old timer “Civility Crowd” or as you like to call them “Nimbys” have been attacking him since he has only lived here twelve years.

        Also while many dislike the fact the Mayor is a PR person for the city. Mayor Morton has been a master, LIz Tisdahl who she favors can not come close to filling that role. Remember the Mayor is the face of Evanston so PR is important.

  2. Vote “NO” for Tisdahl
    I attended the CSNA Meeting and agree with the others to definitely vote “NO” for Tisdahl.

    She has nothing to offer the Evanstonians and has definitely not been their for my Ward.

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