Spring means fire hydrant testing

The Evanston Fire and Life Safety Services Department in cooperation with the City of Evanston Water Department will conduct the annual citywide hydrant testing program.

The program is scheduled to begin April 15 and run through May 31 and is conducted from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m.

Each hydrant in the City will be opened and allowed to flow water for a short period. This procedure provides valuable information on the status of the hydrant water system.

Some residents may notice a discoloration in their tap water while the hydrants on their blocks are being tested. The discoloration should be short-lived and can be eliminated by flowing tap water.

If the discoloration continues, please contact the Water Department, (847) 866-2942.    For more information on the program, contact Fire Captain Gregory Klaiber, (847) 866-5930.