The Greek street-food restaurant Yeero Revolution at 1009 Davis St. in Evanston has closed.

Annie Coakley, executive director of Downtown Evanston, told residents at the 1st Ward meeting Tuesday night that the quick-serve restaurant, which had opened in November 2016, closed over the weekend.

But, on the plus side, Coakley said, with the opening of the Target store in Sherman Plaza this week, residents can once again buy underwear and socks downtown. Some folks have been complaining about that gap in the business district’s offerings since major department stores closed decades ago.

Coakley says she’s working with city officials to attract more retail uses downtown.

“We go to businesses that we believe would go very well here, including concepts like a cooking school or dance school, as well as entertainment uses.

“Retail is a tough, tough business now,” Coakley said, but “We’re working to hand pick retail that would do very well here” — focusing on concepts that are already working well elsewhere.

“Once the leaves are back on the trees, we’ll bring commercial real estate brokers from Chicago here for a tour, who might not have a great understanding of how wonderful Evanston is,” she added.

She also told residents at the meeting at the Evanston Public Library that Prairie Moon, a restaurant that will lose its existing site to construction of the Albion Residential development, has found a new home. “I can’t say where yet,” she teased, “but it’s close to where we’re sitting.”

Prairie Moon’s owner plans to also launch a new restaurant concept at the Albion site once construction there is completed.

Coakley said she’s looking for ideas from residents for events that could be held in the redesigned Fountain Square that’s scheduled to be completed this spring.

With Colectivo Coffee opening in the former Radio Shack space at Sherman Avenue and Church Street, Coakley said, it should be easy for folks to grab some coffee and walk down the block to the square.

She said Downtown Evanston is already planning to hold its Thursday Night Live music events there as well as yoga classes and a variety of lunchtime activities, “but there are a lot of opportunities to program that space.”

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Downtown stores
    I’m happy about the downtown Target, though I’ll probably still drive to the Howard location usually. That said, since Target has a CVS pharmacy, do NOT be surprised if the current CVS store closes in a year. Most of the CVS merchandise is carried by Target. It’s reduced business will hurry its end. And yet again one store comes, one store goes.

    But it’s comforting to know we have another coffee shop opening (former Radio Shack). I know getting coffee is a challenge in downtown Evanston.

    1. I sense from your tone that
      I sense from your tone that you’d prefer a downtown with a fully curated experience – one where the city puts strict limits on the number of pharmacies, coffee shops, etc. to promote some kind of retail diversity in an effort to recreate a Truman Show like experience.

      For those that are not in your camp and have a basic grasp of supply/demand, I encourage you to contact your elected officials and speak out next time the city wants to put a potential investor through the ringer on height, density, affordability, the arts, etc. before saying “thanks but no thanks” to development(s) that would welcome more consumers, taxpayers, and neighbors to our community. Maybe just enough more to support a gyro shop.

      1. I’m with Guest on this point,

        I’m with Guest on this point, and I’m seriously looking forward to having a Colectivo available for my caffeine fix. I’m over bumping knees with my neighbors at the Unicorn and I’m too old for the dorm-fieldtrip-to-DisneyLand vibe of the massive Starbucks downtown. 

  2. Such a Shame!
    I’m so sad to see Yeero Revolution go! I really enjoyed their food and the employees were always very friendly. It was a great business that will be missed.

    1. Too subtle.
      I was too subtle. The downtown experience the last several years has been add one business and lose another. To reverse this it might be good to add different establishments. Perhaps Target (inclusive of a CVS pharmacy) won’t push the current CVS closed. I’m betting it will, however. And the new coffee shop may be welcomed by many. Excellent, unless another coffee shop closes.

    2. Does anyone know the reason
      Does anyone know the reason why this business failed? Cannot be the location because it’s great so what is it about you think? Is it the operations, the food or something else…

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