Guerilla theater with military man

Some fans of the Evanston History Center plan to stage a guerilla theater event Thursday morning at 9:45 a.m. at which they promise to bring Gen. Charles Gates Dawes back from the dead to reclaim his home from Northwestern University.

The history center backers are upset that the university has decided it’s uneconomical to maintain the building 225 Greenwood St. and do upgrades needed to meet modern fire codes, and that therefore the center needs to move out so the building can be sold to a private buyer or used as a home for a university employee.

The center, even advocates concede, has no legally binding agreement with the university for perpetual use of the mansion, only a promise from the university made in 1943 to house the center there "indefinitely" and to use "every effort" to find space for the society in another university building if there was a need to move.

The center’s backers say 750 people toured the mansion or attended special events there last year, over 300 people conducted research in its archives and 1,500 people attended various center events.

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