Skokie and Evanston police are investigating after a gunman riding a motorcycle and dressed all in black shot a motorist at the intersection of Oakton Street and McCormick Boulevard about 9:45 this morning.

Update 12:58 p.m.: The victim was driven to St. Francis Hospital by another person in his car, where he was pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police said his car was found at the hospital with several bullet holes in it.

The motorcyclist reportedly waved his gun at other drivers at the intersection before riding the maroon motorcycle south on McCormick to Howard Street, west to Skokie Boulevard and then south where he was last seen traveling at a high rate of speed.

Skokie Police say investigators do not believe the shooting was a random incident, but they’ve made no arrests so far.

The North Regional Major Crimes Task Force was activated and is assisting Skokie Police with the investigation. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Skokie Police at 847-982-5900 or use the Crime Tip Hotline number is 847/933-TIPS (8477).

Skokie police had the intersection where the shooting occurred blocked off for much of the rest of the morning.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Wow! Now they’re brazen

    Wow! Now they're brazen enough to shoot in the daytime. This is getting out of hand. With all these officers becoming detectives you would think the crime would be going down.

    1. Are there more detectives now

      Are there more detectives now, or have the experienced ones just left and newer, less experienced detectives have taken their place?  In any rate, I don't see what that has to do with one person killing another.

  2. Eastbound Oakton is still
    Eastbound Oakton is still closed at Crawford as of 1:25pm, so presumably the intersection of Oakton and is still closed as well.

  3. Public Safety – Gun proliferation

    And over in Niles they want a big new gun shop and shooting range. Great idea. More guns everywhere we go, The American Dream. It's like we overslept, eyes closed for years while the NRA pushed laws favoring gun sellers (merchants of death) and now we slowly wake up to this nightmare. Solving disputes with guns is babaric.

    1. Sure, blame guns

      Sure. we are now blaming gun shops that don't actually exist.

      Never blame the shooter. Always blame something else.

      1. Yes, blame guns

        Chris did not blame a gun shop that doesn't exist. His statement was a comment, an observation. The guy was shot and killed by the shooter with a gun. Plain and simple.

        1. Blame?
          And when a drunk drives a car and kills someone, do we blame the car? When someone sets off a bomb, do we blame the bomb? But here you blame the gun. Your solution? Make them illegal for everyone, and then no one will have them. Not even bad people. You know, just like drugs. (So how’s that working out?)

    2. Public safety has nothing to do with it

      Did you read the article at all? This was not some misguided gangbanging – this was a well-executed hit on somebody. Straight out of 1980's movies about Sicilian cosa nostra. I just wish Evanston and Skokie police took a lesson from said movies and not disclosed the fact that the intended "target" has died.

      If you want to get your panties in a knot about "merchants of death", you should go to some hippied drum circle.

      And – yes – we do need a firing range nearby. The closest one is in Des Plaines, IL. As a law-abiding gun owner, I have no luxury of training on the local streets.


      1. Well-executed?

        "Well-executed"? Huh? Not when the shooter does it in traffic in front of witnesses who can identify the color of his motorcycle. The shooter is now somewhere hiding–and sweating bullets himself.

        1. Looks well-executed …

          Doh! (slaps forehead),

          I'm going to help you out billyjoe. This was probably a well executed hit. First off, the target is dead which was the objective. To your points: "he did it in traffic in front of witnesses"..not one of which was able to provide ANY physical descriptors of the shooter…"who can identify the color of his motorcycle"…of which there was no reported registration thus no confirmation of who/where the bike belongs to nor whether or not it was stolen. You might not believe this (especially those of you who love making excuses for not locking your cars) but there are people who make a living from stealing cars solely for the purpose of providing them for future crimes.

    3. NRA


      It sounds like you are still sleeping. There are 2 things that are pushed by the NRA:

      • Protection of the 2nd admendment in regard to gun laws
      • Fight for stronger penalties for criminals who commit felonies with the use of a gun

      When you wakeup be sure to check out the facts. The biggest problem is DA's making deals to lesson their workload and liberal lenient judges.

      Everybody in the NRA is not good person but you can't blame them for the bad guys shooting, mostly, other bad guys. 

      1. Skip,


        I find it interesting that you're so quick to take others to task for what you perceive to be their faulty fact checking, when you don't know that prosecutors in Illinois are Assistant State's Attorneys (ASAs), not District Attorneys (DAs).  I might suggest that undermines the impact of your claim that the biggest problem is "DA's" [sic] making deals to "lesson" [sic] their workload.  It's kind of helpful to know who the players are before you start assigning them the blame.  I also wonder upon what vast experience you are basing that argument.  Did you know, for example, that it is the policy of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office – the largest prosecutor office in the state – to not make "deals" on gun cases?  Have you ever been inside a criminal courtroom?  Have you ever participated in the prosecution of a gun case?   Try focusing your arguments on things you know something about.

        1. Listen Bud

          I have been on 2 juries, in the last 2 years, that involved hand guns. Both were armed robberies.

          The first trial ended on the 1st day without any testimony with a plea deal.

          The second ended in the morning of the 2nd. day of the trial with a plea deal. This time the judge addressed the jury and told us that this happens far to often and thanked us for putting up with the court system.

          Don't give me any of your crap that they try to prosecute all gun cases. This was far to easy

    4. Guns in Switzerland

      In Switzerland almost every adult male is required to posess a gun.  Gun crime in Switzerland is almost non existent.  It is not the guns, or knifes or baseball bats, or scissors… who are to blame!  It is the hand that drives the weapon!  It is the culture that starts in school, that excempts parents from their parental duties, that makes the government the head of the family.

      1. Their gun control laws are

        Their gun control laws are also much stricter than ours.  Men are required to keep a gun as part of military duty; however, beginning in 2007, the law changed and those in the military are NOT allowed to keep their ammunition at home.

        1. Guns in Switzerland

          Maybe they changed the laws in Switzerland.  But while they had guns people didn't have the urge to kill each other as they are doing here under the increasingly interfeering and controlling governments whether federal or local.  Goverments who have changed the structure of families and taken over the mal-education of their children.  Governments cannot impart moral values or love for life –which ours increasingly seem to disregard as in late minute abortions of human beings.  With this lack of morals what do you think government addicted children do?  Their fingers are the ones who trigger the shots.  And the all powerful but all stupid governments cannot do anything to stop the influx of arms in this country just like they can't drugs.

  4. Outlawing guns in Evanston

    Outlawing guns in Evanston will no doubt help lower the violent crime rate! Just look at how successful outlawing drugs has been at lowering sales and usage. If we make them illegal….people won't use them.  I don't need a gun to protect myself or my family, if something happens, I'll just call the police and I'm sure their response time will be sufficient. Same reason I don't own a fire extinguisher…..if my kitchen catches fire, I'll just call the fire dept and assume they'll get here before my house burns down,instead of neutralize the immediate threat myself first, then call:)

  5. Couldn’t agree more with

    Couldn't agree more with Chris! "Merchants of Death" are ruining the country!  It's almost like they'll sell a gun to anyone who has a valid FOID card and passes the required background check. Makes me sick:)!

  6. Horrible!

    It is really sad that these young kids are just throwing their lives away. The life expectancy rate is going down for the youth due to these senseless act of violence. Young adults are blessed to even reach the age of 25 now.

    Kids are killing kids just because of a "beef". They have no hope for the future anymore they only thing they are living up to be is "real" which is complete ignorance. All police have to do is look to social media; Twitter and Instagram and they can pinpoint all the criminals. They love to praise and brag about the ingnorance. If you dummies are going to be living the life of a criminial at least be smart!


  7. Unfortunately…..

    These aren't your run of the mill city thugs shooting people with reckless abandon. For the most part, these actions are due to a small group of young men that think these shootings out to the last detail and are very good at evading prosecution. The only way these shootings stop is if the community makes them stop. Witnesses have to come forward. False alibi's need to stop being provided. Cooperation needs to be made a priority. This has to happen if the killing is going to end. Evanston is better than this. There were more guns in the streets in the 90's but our kids were still outside doing kid type things without the bodies dropping around us. This isn't a gun problem nor a police problem….This is an "US" problem. 

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