Evanston Mayor Steve Hagerty has selected nine members for the city’s new Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Committee.

Hagery says the committee is intended to review complaint processes used in Evanston and similar communities and make suggestions for possible changes.

Those named to the panel are:

The mayor’s appointments to the committee are expected to be approved by the City Council at its meeting Monday night.

According to a timeline on the city website, the committee is expected to report its recommendations to the City Council by next May.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. I hope these people are

    I hope these people are required to or have attended Citizens Police Academy, or at least a ride along. 

    1. Agree

      Some sort of training / familiarization with General Orders, policies, procedures should be done.  And several Ride Alongs should be required.

    2. really?

      I wouldn’t have any faith in any citizens’ organizations that Ms. Courtright is on…after reading her rants lately.

      1. Get to the Source of the Problem

        Evanston used to be called the “Athens of the West” because of the well educated and free thinking population. The direction in which this city is going lately is really disappointing and frustrating.

        I am the first to question the authority of the police when questionable decisions are made on their part, however; the real problem is not the behavior of the police, it’s the behavior of the young adults in our community, especially the young black adults.

        Why don’t we focus our attention on fixing the problems that have plagued the black community for the past several decades, such as: single/teen parent households, poverty, lack of education, drugs, bad role models, etc…  

        The police do have discretion on who they arrest or ticket, but I’m sure breaks and good-will do not go to those who are disrespectful, repeat-offenders, or others who are not deserving.  

        Being a lifelong black resident of Evanston, I realize that there is a lot of work to do in order to achieve equality amongst all of our residents.  Now that I am a parent raising my own black children in Evanston, I will be sure to take responsibility for my actions and the actions of my kids.  I refuse to blame the police because of their bad or unsafe behavior. What happened to the days when we were scared to tell our parents the police yelled at us or cussed us out?  

        I need the police to be tough on crime to protect my family and I don’t see how forming a committee to discipline the police, and filling it with anti-police activists helps me keep my family safe.  It’s only going to make the police lax out of fear the community won’t support them.

        1. You are 100% correct…

          You are 100% correct…in everything you just said.   I hope the mayor and police read what you wrote.  Thank you!

          1. committee

            Dear Mayor:   please dissolve this committee before it starts.   There will be nothing but back and forth banter, interfering with the EPD’s employees job duties.  this is an inane thing to do in the first place.  A total waste of time, and will only bring about round and around discussions, aggravating everyone!

  2. Read Much?
    This committee is not going to review or adjudicate complaints. It is going to compare Evanston’s policies regarding police complaints, and compare them to those of other communities.

  3. Questionable picks

    How is Karen Courtright qualified to serve on Evanston’s new Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Committee? Courtright last month at a Council meeting said “police are victims of a “white supremacy culture.”  Courtright has been publicy claiming we live in a white supremacist society and there’s institutional racism everywhere.  She has consistently shown contempt for our police department. 

    Courtright’s appointment sends a message that our goverment is OK with the fox guarding the hen house.

    And why was Jared Davis appointed to this committee? Davis was the owner of Davis Transportation that folded last year, stiffing the city six figures it gave him in the form of a loan. Why would we reward a failed businessman with a goverment committee appointment who has not paid back a huge city loan?

    On the flip side, it’s interesting that  D. Vincent Thomas Jr. was appointed. He is running against Jan Schakowsky as a Republican in next year’s election. It won’t matter. The Demcoratic party machine will elect Schakowsky for another century.

    1. This from May 2016:  “Davis

      This from May 2016:  “Davis says he hopes to eventually be able to pay the city back, but doesn’t have the financial resources to do so at this time. He says he’s occupied for now with the steps needed to shut the business and hasn’t determined what his next career move will be.”  

      Is there an update on the $44,000 owed?  Cash is cash — particularly when further fee increases have been made and reports of the city being several millions behind budget in 2017 are made.  

      How in the world is his involvement even being considered for this committee??  Highly question Hagerty’s judgement.

    2. Police Committee
      It was supposed to be an independent committee, reviewing police actions and complaints. However, it appears the composition of this committee will simply assure that nothing will be done to check Evanston Police excesses or improve their operations to insure that the best procedures are followed achieving the best results: a safe, equitable community that can trust and believe in a professional police presence. Sadly, that will only happen when a major lawsuit (read very $$$) causes real action. And that is sad for the community. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  4. I agree with the gentleman on
    I agree with the gentleman on the lack of everything with our young people. We don’t need any unexperienced people on the committee. We have to have more help within the black community.

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