Despite President Donald Trump’s rejection yesterday of the Paris climate accord, Evanston Mayor Steve Hagerty declared that the city will not renege on its pledge.

“As the Trump administration steps aside in the fight against climate change,” Hagerty said in a statement, “it’s more important than ever that cities like Evanston lead.”

He said he is “proud to be a part of the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of 648 city leaders representing 486 million people worldwide dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making their communities more resilient to climate change, and regularly reporting their progress publicly.”

He added that he is also proud to follow former Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl as a member of the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, a network of 92 mayors “working together to strengthen local efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting efforts for binding federal and global-level policy making. “

Hagerty said he has joined with the other mayors “committing to uphold the commitments included in the Paris Agreement.”

He declared that “there’s no finish line when it comes to protecting the environment. As mayor, I’m committed to continuous action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our city, encourage energy efficiency, and work toward a sustainable future for all.”

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio...

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    1. Hagerty Snubs Trump’s Climate Move

      Thanks for a good start to your new role in the community Steve.

      Maybe one of you can explain to me why Mr. Trump would focus on a dying industry and the chance to bring back a few hundred jobs and piss off most every other country on the face of the planet to do it? There’s something wrong with that guy.

      1. Maybe
        they are pissed off because the USA will not be contributing a 100 billion dollars each year for the next 80 years. Obama gave away 100 billion in 2016 and had no idea how it would be distributed. This would be 8 trillion through the end of the century. . The US would be responsible for 80 % of the cost of the Paris.

        And the reason for this, to hold the global increase in temperature from rising more than 2 degrees.

        The USA has exceeded all other countries in reducing their carbon footprint over the last 25 years. The European Union countries are now passing the USA in total carbon footprint and, what are they, 1/3 the size and population of the USA.

        I guess the other countries are pissed off because they will need to increase their cost by 110 %.

        Also the USA has agreed to give the world access to the technology that has allowed us to surpass them in Eco-performance.

        The USA and Evanston to continue to lead the world in carbon reduction but not be part of the Obama blood sucking treaty. Perhaps we can some day produce solar panels and windmills that compete economically with oil and gas.

        1. Ummm, supporting evidence please?

          Bweb, you constantly make up stuff.  Please provide trustworthy citations that support your claims.

          Last night’s John Oliver provides some good facts checks: https://youtu.be/5scez5dqtAc

          Also the fairly conservative Washington Post fact checked Drumpf’s lies, see here:


          1. makeup

            Chae, your makeup is running. Do you really think the WP is a conservative paper? You must think the same for the NYT, MSNBC, CBS, John Oliver, and Al Gore. I encourage Evanston and other USA concerns to continue their support green energy. The USA withdrew from the Paris Accord because it was a costly Obama scheme that did nearly nothing to fight any climate change, Instead, America should be contributing to green energy research. Maybe we can, someday, make windmills and solar panels (except in warm sunny climates) a competive renewable energy source.

          2. Please provide supporting information


            You haven’t cited a credible source for your claim that:

            1)  the U.S. committed $100 billion a year for the next 80 years (the Paris Accord requires an evaluation every five years AND the Green Climate Fund only requires the U.S. to commit to $3 billion of which $1 billion had been contributed) (as a side note, that $3 billion could easily be accounted for if Drumpf didn’t take trips to Mar a Lago every weekend and his wife and minor son lived in D.C.)

            2)  the U.S. has exceeded all other countries in reducing its carbon footprint over the last 25 years

            3)  the U.S. has handed over technology to other countries (which seems to contradict your statement that renewable energy technology is not competitive with oil and gas (and I presume coal)

            Please provide reputable sources for these claims.  All I ask is that you present logical, rational critiques backed by objective data.  But you haven’t done so.

            By the way, thanks for the ad hominem attack saying that my makeup is running.  

      2. The right side of history

        Mr. Trump’s paid spokesperson can’t even explain his decisions, so far be it for me to try. I choose to look at it a different way. We can choose to be on the right side of history, with the millions of Americans  who did not give Mr. Trump the popular vote, and show the rest of the world every day that the best of America is still here. As we approach the anniversary of D Day, we can be with the giants who did not plan the invasion to liberate Europe counting “who was paying more” but who knew that freeing people on a foreign shore would make us stronger, not weaker. Global warming is a scourge that will cost dearly to fix now, and much more later. Like the giants of June 6, we can do our part not only because we can, but we should. Thank you, Mayor Hagerty, for looking forward. I think you will be on the right side of history.

        1. Big Talk, Let’s See Big Action

          I too applaud the Mayor’s rebuttal to another Executive Branch giveaway to the Oil and Gas lobby. Based on the Mayor’s email to the residents of Evanston, it appears the city has been evaluating options from a 2014 Livability Plan. We are now in 2017, when do we begin to show that Evanston is a city of action and not only talk? When do we provide an example for other cities in Illinois and across the U.S.? When? I propose we do this NOW! Mr. Mayor – it’s time to lay out milestones, first steps and the team that will support Evanston’s efforts to reduce its impact on the climate.

          1. I agree. We should
            I agree. We should immediately raise cooling and heating costs on all Evanston residents 400%, brutalizing middle and low income households.

            Or we can continue zero carbon emission fracking that’s led to dramatic decreases in energy costs here in the US since 2008.

          2. Please go do your research on

            Please go do your research on renewables and their success in other countries. 

          3. Will do.

            Show me a single country where costs to consumers is reduced from an increase in renewables. Just one. German household power prices have reached a record high in early 2017 while wholesale prices are sinking. Germans pay among the highest per-unit rates in Europe, and nearly three times the rate of US consumers. Canada’s carbon tax may cost the average household as much as $1,250 per year.

  1. The one thing that I always
    The one thing that I always find fascinating over the decades is that no matter what the latest “catastrophic if we don’t act now” issue is (new ice age, overpopulation, global warming, now climate “change”) the solution is ALWAYS the same: progressive economic policy.

    Pretty neat!

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