The City of Evanston is conducting an online poll to help choose a logo for the new 3-1-1 call center it plans to launch next March.

Leadership Evanston and Linda Hansen of Wild Crow Communications have designed six versions of a proposed logo at no charge to the city.

Those designs include the one shown with this story.

All the logo designs incorporate elements from the city seal and some include a key shape as part of the design.

You can see them all and choose the one you like best here.

City officials say the call center will provide residents a single point of contact for all non-emergency city services and programs.

It’s also expected to reduce staffing needs in individual city departments and make it easier to track the performance of city departments in responding to citizen requests. 

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Here’s an idea for a new logo…

    I like this design: take the above graphic, put a big red circle with a big red line through it.  In other words–get rid of it!  You’re talking about laying off staff that actually DOES something (oh, like, maybe, firefighters and cops, forestry and building inspectors, etc.) and adding people to answer phones.  Excuse me, but doesn’t someone already have that job?  If they are not doing that job well or efficiently, then find someone who can! 
    The 311 center is a waste of resources in this time of tight budgets.
    Or, encourage people to use that other, more powerful tool (no, not the internet.)  If you get no satisfaction from your dealings with the city, get your alderman involved!  Remember–they work for YOU!
  2. Hey Kids… Let’s NOT

    Where’s the option for "None of the above"

    First: The selection of logos offered didn’t tell me anything.  What is if for? Why use 311?

    Second: A lighthouse, a brick? a lego house? Really? This is from a graphic artist or did someone find the first grade clip art book?

    Third: How about scrapping the idea altogether. 

    The EPD has a non-emergency information number already. The person who answers the phone has always been polite and has been able to answer all but one of the questions I’ve had.

    When I call the housing-property department the receptionist has been able to either answer my question or direct me to someone who could. No waiting, she knew who was available and could take care of the issue. Hold time never over 1 or 2 minutes. Quick, simple, and done.

    Likewise calling the city clerks office, fire department, or any of the other city services when I needed questions answered. In the years I’ve lived here, there’s only been one time the person answering the phone was brusque or rude (evryone’s entitled to a bad day), and only one question unanswered (state problem not city). Not a bad run for 25+ years.

    All this information easily accessible by calling the city’s main number.  The receptionist there directed my call to the right place every time.

    So, when the entire city is hurting, taxes rising, budgets falling, and residents tired of wasteful non-responsive politicians and greedy special interest groups, do we really need to waste more dollars that we don’t have on something we don’t need..

    and then make cutsey little logos to go on refridgerator magnets that we won’t use.


  3. $1 Million Wasted

     $1 Million is the cost of Wally B’s 311 folly.  Nobody at the Civic Center believes the 311 center will improve customer service or make the City more efficient.  It simply creates another level of bureaucracy.  

    The logo should read $1 Million Wasted.

  4. Thank You

    Jeez, where is the fiscal responsibility in this town? How can we truly justify laying off long-time employees of the City who have meaningful jobs and hiring new people to do something that we don’t really need done?


  5. What’s with the key?

    I don’t understand the key motif. It’s a call center. What’s the connection between a key and a telephone?  

      1. Why is civic info locked in the first place?

        …and why do you have to have a key to get at it?

    1. they ‘key’ is reading…

      read the subtext below the graphic icon.

      It reads ‘ Your Key to the City ‘.

      Pretty straightforward to understand.

  6. Is there REALLY a need for

    Is there REALLY a need for this service??? Chicago has a 311 system in place… with almost 3 MILLION residents it seems a reasonable expense. Evanston is roughly 75 thousand. I think we can all make that extra phone call and help our city in these rough economic times.

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