Incumbend 6th Ward Alderman Mark Tendam had only one big weak spot in his 2-1 sweep over challenger Mark Sloane, and that came in the far northwest corner of the ward.

Precinct level vote results released by the Cook County Clerk’s office today show that Sloane and Tendam tied with 96 votes each in the 3rd Precinct, which includes the Highland neighborhood.

That neighobrhood has been plagued with storm-related power failures over the past few years and was the scene of bitter opposition to plans for a Chase Bank branch on the corner of Crawford Avenue and Gross Point Road.

Alderman Tendam supported a compromise on the bank project ultimately approved by the full City Council that reduced the footprint of the branch but left some nearby property owners still unhappy.

But elsewhere in the ward it was a clear sweep for Tendam. He rolled up roughly two-to-one margins over Sloane — and did nearly as well in the 5th Precinct where Sloane lives as in his home precinct, the 6th.

Next to the tie in the 3rd Precinct, Tendam’s weakest performances were in the adjoining 2nd and 4th precincts, where he got 56 and 59 percent of the vote respectively.

His strongest showing was in the 8th Precinct, where he got 79 percent of the vote. That happens to be home to the Three Crowns Park retirement community, where Tendam frequently holds ward meetings. It also was where turnout was the highest in the ward, at more than 31 percent.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Sloane lost due to a meek and mild campaign

    Sloane failed to rouse up potential new voters even though he went door to door.  There is a bloc of voters who vote in lockstep with the established Democrat candidates and the only way to win is to get non-established voters interested.

    Rep. Daniel Biss had a coffee meet for Tendam as Tendam did with Biss. Gretchen Livingston and former Township Assessor and Evanston Democrat president, Bonnie Wilson, were at Tendam's home for his victory party.

    Sloane failed to play hard ball politics and he didn't really have much of a platform. All he seemed to stand for was to improve the park system and bragged about his accounting skills and experience on budget committees.

    Sloane lost because he didn't say he would reduce taxes, cut waste and stop corporate cronyism in Evanston. If you're going to beat an incumbent supported by established and powerful Democrat politicians you have to play hardball.

  2. Highland

    "That neighobrhood has been plagued with storm-related power failures over the past few years and was the scene of bitter opposition to plans for a Chase Bank branch on the corner of Crawford Avenue and Gross Point Road."

    Just in case there are any readers out there who don't know this:

    The Concerned Neighbors®  are bitterly opposed to a plan to put a new Chase bank on the site of…a former CItgo gas station.

    Yes, these people bought houses next to a gas station and are now getting angry about a bank going there.  I wish we could re-open the gas station – maybe they would like that better.

    Maybe that yard waste transfer site that is proposed for Oakton St. would fit into that Citgo site.

    1. Dear Concerned Neighbors…

      …what is your plan for this piece of property?

      Do you have the right to tell your neighbor what kind of an addition to put on their house, or the type of driveway to install on their property or what color they paint their house as long as their decisions are within current zoning?

      Why don't the "Concerned Neighbors" buy this piece of property and turn it into a park so that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy it? Or buy the property and put up your own business that your "group" deems appropriate.

      What is the problem with a bank, as long as it's built within current zoning?

      Who are the neighbors to dictate what a property owner decides to do ?

      1. Actually, the property is residential

        There have been a lot of news stories about this situation over the past year and lots of meetings.

        The property proposed for the bank also includes a residental property where a single family home was removed. It is zoned R2. I believe the "Concerned Neighbors" have no problem with a bank on the Citgo site – in a commercially zoned area. The issue stems from the developer's request to rezone a residential property to build a larger bank and to extend into a residential area.

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