Ho, ho, ho! Get off that phone!


Evanston Township High School Public Safety Director Sam Pettineo has sent out a “Holiday Greetings” message to students and parents warning of a coming crackdown on distracted driving around the school.

“Illinois law and City of Evanston ordinance both prohibit the use of mobile phones for text messaging, sending, reading, or listening to an electronic message, or browsing the internet,” Pettineo says, not just talking on the phone while driving.

And Evanston Alderman Jane Grover, 7th Ward, says that over the next couple of weeks the school will post temporary signs around the campus perimeter as a reminder about distracted driving.

Grover says Evanston Police Sgt. Wally Baumgart will direct the city police enforcement effort, working with Pettineo.

“Our goals are to get people off their phones when they drive in the ETHS neighborhood, get the attention of the worst violators — parents, and continue to educate everyone about the dangers of distracted driving,” Grover says.

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