Hospital wins OK for new cancer center

The City Council Monday unanimously approved plans to build a new five-story Kellogg Cancer Care Center at Evanston Hospital.

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare plans to build the new facility on the site of the existing one-story cancer center on Ridge Avenue north of Central Street.

Hospital officials said the footprint of the building will remain the same and that the new building will use similar materials to other parts of the hospital complex.

The plan includes two stories covering the entire floor area of the existing building and three more with a large central light well that will cut their size roughly in half, but provide natural illumination to the new building’s offices as well as to adjoining portions of the existing hospital.

Hospital officials say the new building will relieve overcrowding issues in the existing facility that have made it difficult to maintain patient privacy and provide convenient access to the wide variety of services that cancer patients need.

The Zoning Board of Appeals recommended approval of the project after a public hearing on Feb. 19.

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