The planned house moving we told you about earlier this week is happening this morning on Central Street and traffic is being diverted off Central so the house can get through.

As of 7 o’clock, the three separate sections of the house being moved were still making the turn from Green Bay Road onto Central Street enroute from their temporary parking place at the soon-to-be Whole Foods Market on Green Bay to a new location on Crawford Avenue at the far northwest edge of the city.

Police were diverting traffic off of eastbound Central Street at McDaniel Avenue to make way for the approaching house.

Update 7:15 a.m.: Traffic is also still blocked on Green Bay Road until the last of the sections of the house make the turn from Green Bay onto Central.

Update 7:25 a.m.: All three sections of the home now have cleared Green Bay Road and that street is being reopened to traffic.

The house rolls past shops on Central Street near Prairie Avenue (EPD Photo).

Update 8:01 a.m.: The house is now approaching Lincolnwood Avenue and traffic on Central has been reopened as far west as McDaniel Avenue. Tree trimming crews are working ahead of the trucks moving the house to clear some overhanging branches from the roadway.

The house was making good time as it moved past McDaniel Avenue.

Update 8:30 a.m. Tree-trimming held up movement at Ewing Avenue for more than 30 minutes.

Low-hanging traffic lights were swung back at Lincolnwood Drive.

Update 9:01 a.m.: The house is approaching Crawford Avenue and traffic on Crawford is being blocked off.

Update 9:12 a.m.: The house now is on Crawford and Central Street has been re-opened to traffic. Also the interesection of Crawford and Gross Point Road has been reopened. The house move continues further northwest on Crawford.

Update 10 a.m.:  Crews began moving the house onto its final resting place on Crawford near the intersection of Old Glenview Road in the northwest corner of the city.

Update 10:50 a.m.: Crawford Avenue is still blocked near Old Glenview Road as crews continue to move the three parts of the house into position on its new lot.

Update 12:25 p.m.: The house has now been moved completely onto the new lot and Crawford Avenue has been reopened to traffic.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. As thrilling as the house
    As thrilling as the house ride was, i am surprised, and a bit troubled at the amount of tree branches that it appeared they had to cut. We probably won’t notice until summer. I hope that the city was properly compensated for this.

    1. When first moved—down Isabella ?

      The house had been on Isabella originally.  Did they move it down Isabella or Central to the Dominicks parking lot ?

      I can see that Central is wider, but from the pictures it looks like after the first couple of blocks cars did or could pass on the side.

      Isbella would not have had the issue with traffic lights though I suppose even more tree limbs would have to have been cut.

      1. House Move

        Yes, the original move last fall was East on Isabella. Today was South then back West to Crawford. There was no way to get to the new site strictly on Isabella anyway — the Central route was much more economical in terms of time (and tree cutting) than any other route. Maybe the lights did screw things up some but I was at the corner of GB and Central and it all went pretty well. First segment of the house got hung up on the curb and that took half an hour to un-do but that was about all the issue there was. House is now in situ on Crawford and being set up on pilings for a later addition of a foundation. Pretty amazing thing to watch.

    2. For heaven’s sake — do you

      For heaven's sake — do you think this move was not financed by the house's new owner? Evanston didn't pay for this. As for the trees, well, that's the price of progress. The move down Central was much less "costly" to trees and things than the first move down Isabella to Green Bay last Fall. Today wasn't a piece of cake, but it all went pretty smoothly, all things considered.

      1. Well Todd, sorry for asking
        Well Todd, sorry for asking the question about compensation. I am not going to assume that my tax dollars are being properly allocated based on some feel good story. You say that this is the price of progress, but i see it as the price of excess.

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