How salaries of Evanston teachers, administrators compare statewide


Teachers and administrators in Evanston’s public schools are paid substantially more than the state average, but so is the competition at New Trier.

The information is compiled annually by the Illinois State Board of Education, utilizing data provided by each school district in what is called the Illinois School Report Card.

Acceptance of the 2017 report is on the agenda for Monday night’s meeting of the Evanston Township High School District 202 Board of Education.

Teacher salaries at ETHS average about $100,000 a year — $99,817 to be exact – which compares with the state average for secondary school teachers of $64,516. It is also substantially higher than the average Evanston/Skokie District 65 teacher, who receives $78,817.

One of the stumbling blocks for efforts to combine the two Evanston districts into a single district has been the salary difference between District 202 and District 65. Teachers were quite vocal in demanding that the salary schedule be the same if the two districts were combined into one.

But in neighboring New Trier, Evanston’s nearest competitor for teachers, the average is $111,516.

New Trier also pays its administrators more than ETHS. The average administrator at New Trier is paid $177,232, compared with $146,303 at ETHS. The statewide average for secondary school administrators is a “mere” $106,273. By comparison, District 65 pays its administrators an average of $137,209.

An interesting sidelight is the fact that the president of the ETHS board, Pat Savage-Williams, is an administrator at New Trier, where she is a department coordinator.

The operating expenditure per pupil at ETHS is $22,742, which is a tad lower than the $25,007 at New Trier, but substantially greater than the $12,973 average at secondary schools statewide. The comparable expenditure at District 65 is $14,521.

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio stations and business-oriented magazines.

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