City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says police towed 186 vehicles during the day Monday for violating the alternate-side snow emergency parking rules. That’s on top of nearly 100 cars towed during two nights of the city’s snow-route parking ban.

The snow emergency parking regulations continue today — with drivers instructed to park on the even-numbered side of residential streets until 6 p.m. — so crews can plow those streets to the curb.

City officials now say we got 20.5 inches of snow from the weekend storm — and we can look forward to getting another couple inches of snow this afternoon and tonight.

Temperature will be in the upper 20’s today falling to around 10 degrees tonight.

Assistant Public Works Director James Maiworm says detailed clearing of sidewalks around city properties will continue today. Continued cleanup of city parking lots will also be a priority as many lots are parked at capacity and snow storage space is limited.

Recycling collections and solid waste pickup will continue but service is behind schedule. Maiworm says collections should be caught up as conditions improve by the end of the week.

He adds that while parking restrictions are currently scheduled to expire this evening, they may be extended if street conditions require it.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Chicago vrs. Evanston on streets—Evanston MUCH better
    Monday on the Red and Purple lines to the Loop I hardly saw a Chicago street that had been plowed or even if plowed the cars still on the street, covered with snow, snowed in back/front/side and obviously never moved. Not so in Evanston.
    Now if the park district, whoever is in charge of the golf courses and city would clean the sidewalks. E.g. 1200 Central to the CTA line is always terrible–apartments at 1200 DO clean their property. Same with sidewalks on Lincoln from Asbury to Ridge. I’m sure there are many more.
    However even when homeowners clean their walks, the sidewalk to streets get so piled with snow it is VERY difficult to cross—I and many others fall there—no sure footing.
    IF NU would open the stadium and other lots and the same for schools [esp. if closed], churches, and city lots, it would make getting cars off the street for cleaning much easier. They do need to POST signs as to this and make part of city snow literature.

    1. Recycling/Garbage pickups behind schedule

      I'm not surprised that garbage/recycling is behind schedule

      The garbage guy who went through our alley on Monday am said that at least TWENTY drivers had called in "sick" that day. Not "I'm Snowed In", but "I Am Sick".  He said Recycling would probably not get picked up that day and sure enough no truck came by. I'm sure those "sick" with SuperBowl flu workers will make it all up by getting overtime to cover it.

    2. Not on Isabella

      They didn't tow yesterday on Isabella when they should have to plow; still not plowed.

  2. Herculean Effort

    We live in a very  densely populated area in SE Evanston (virtually all apartments), just south of Main, on Judson, a fairly narrow street compared to Hinman.  In addition, few have parking or access to parking (lots nearby have waiting lists).

    Yesterday, the snow plows came through in the morning when most cars were still parked due to the incredible difficulty of digging out (it took my husband 2+ hours to do so).  It would have been impractical if not impossible to tow & give tickets. Most fortunately, this was not the case.

    Today the snow plows came by early, too early for many to dig out their cars.  Such is not the case at present.  There are but a few cars.  Given that the even side of the street was inadequately plowed (not due to the city, but to people making a Herculean effort to dig out yesterday), the odd side currently needs additional work or parking will be exceedingly difficult this evening.

    I am quite aware that Evanston is making a Heculean effort to clear the streets, outdoor parking lots, & sidewalks but hopefully the city can do something more on our street before the new snow falls.  Indeed ALL densely populated areas should be carefully plowed.

    Inadequate parking makes desperate people park in front of hydrants or too close to stop signs creating dangerous situations.  Hopefully the city will be mindful of this.

    1. Why on earth would people

      why on earth would people wait until Tuesday morning to dig out from snow that largely ended early sunday evening. Its much harder work after so much time plus they knoew the plows would have to come through. It's totally selfish behavior and results in poorly plowed roads. It's their own fault if they cannot find a parking spot tonight.

      1. Snow did NOT stop early Sunday evening

        I did one last run with my snow thrower at 10pm on Sunday evening and by morning there was another 3" on the ground to clean up, plus a LOT more drifting due to the high winds overnight, so Residents would have had to wait until perhaps after midnight Sunday sometime to even BEGIN digging out their vehicles.  Plus everyone was indoors watching the Superb Owl and the winds were still pretty fierce until sometime very early in the am on Monday.  

        The plows had been burying cars all day long during the BLIZZARD we had and the plowing continued through Monday.  I saw a lot of people trying to get their cars moved on Monday and many were just stuck.  

        1. we shoveled around our cars

          we shoveled around our cars twice on Sunday, the last time around 7pm. In the morning there were as you suggest about 3 inches more – but that there was no need to shovel we just drove right out of the spot.


    2. Well, something may have come

      Well, something may have come from of this comment.

      Later this afternoon a truck with bullhorn went up & down Judson indicating to people to move their cars if they hadn't already.  No tow trucks, no tickets, no positive result. 

      Sound & fury signifying nothing?

      Until Evanston begins enforcing its rules re tickets/towing citywide after a large snowfall,  it's logical that people will eventually learn that they have no compelling reason to move their car unless they're going to work.

      Another idea: Make the Snow Emergency signs bigger or more colorful to catch people' attention.  Maybe new residents simply don't know the rules.

      1. signage, etc…..

        Not to change the subject exactly, but signs are only good if people read them!  Where are notices not to talk on cell phones while driving?  If I had a ticket book, I could make the city rich!   People just don't care about rules, and are selfish!   Good for the city for towing people…they deserve it.

        I also think that store owners should shovel their curbs…..ever try to get from your car to the parking meter???  Curbs get buried in snow all the time……

          1. work hours

            WOW..what a concept!  I hearby declare that I will never work when the temperature is under 15 degrees, or over 70 degrees!  LOVE IT!..or if it's raining, hailing, or way too windy to be outside!   LOL

  3. Privileged Plowing
    The city is quick to hand out tickets and fines for not shoveling, but who at the city gets ticketed and fined for lackadaisical plowing in West Evanston.North & downtown were cleaned as though it didn’t snow.

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