On this first day of early voting, the website Livability has compiled lists of what it considers the 10 best places for liberals, conservatives and middle-of-the-road voters to live — assuming they want to be surrounded by people who share their political views.

And guess which list Evanston showed up on?

Yep, that’s right, Evanston was ranked number five on the list of best places for liberals.

In the list — limited to small and medium size cities — we came in behind Berkeley, Calif.; Hoboken, N.J.; Somerville, Mass., and Boulder, Colo.

But we beat out College Park, Md.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Mercer Island, Wash.; Alexandria, Va., and Newport, R.I.

The ratings appear to be based largely on the presidential vote in each town in 2012 and the political leanings of the local congressman along with some market research that Livability thinks is associated with political leanings.

On that market research part you might have your doubts. Livability concludes Evanstonians are likely to eat at Qdoba — a Mexican restaurant chain that has no outlet here — and to drive a Cadillac. What, not a Toyota Prius?

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Official car
    A Prius? No. The official car of Evanston is the Subaru Treehugger, I mean Forester. Seriously. They’re everywhere. Especially in south Evanston.

    1. I’ve always said all you need

      I've always said all you need to prove Evanston residency is a Subaru with a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker.

  2. After Obama’s pathetic record

    After Obama’s pathetic record, domestic and foreign, in his first 6 years in office, I wonder how many Evanston citizens would vote for him now. Considering how far left Evanston is, I would bet he still gets a majority but it would be 10 to 15 percent less than before.

    Evanston would probably still be in the top ten for liberals.You can exhale now.

    1. Obama’s record

      Unemployment is down and the stock market is up. Also my brother saved $400 a month switching to ObamaCare. Thanks Obama.

      1. Unemployment rate is down

        Unemployment rate is down because of the continous stream of people falling off unemployment roles and not finding jobs. 55% of new jobs are minimum wage jobs and 64% are parttime. In Illinois, the job partisipation rate is a 35 year low.

        I would bet, like most others, your brothers coverage is lower, he is heavily subsidized and he didn't get to keep his doctors (as promised by BO).

        Thank you Obama and and Quinn.


        1. More Obama

          My brother got to keep his doctor under ObamaCare.  The economy has added over 10 million private sector jobs in the last 55 months.  The stock market is way up.  And we just had a beautiful fall day.

          Of course everything is not perfect and we have a number of unresolved problems including the quality of the jobs that have been added as you point out.  

          1. And what do you say about

            And what do you say about obama and holder repeatedly getting cought in lies, usurping the constitution, and using the IRS to go after another political party. Even the liberal press has complained that the obama administration is the least transparent inthe last 100+ years.

            We can only hope that Republicans can take control of the senate and stop this president from causing any more damage to our country.

            Out of 8.5M people that have signed up for obamacare, over 6M are in Medicaid and nobody has revealed how many were already in Medicaid. Out of the remaining 2.5M, about 500k (if you like your plan, you can keep your plan) were forced out of their previous plans and usually ended up paying more with an obamacare plan.


            In Illinois, an additional 450K were added to the Medicaid rolls

          2. Obama’s Presidency

            Hi skipw:

            All these alleged scandels have been investigated to death and nothing ever came of them.  As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) millions of people that were unable to obtain insurance coverage will now be covered.  That is a good thing.  

            For most of us our health insurance coverage is tied to our jobs.  This creates a problem for those who are unemployed or whose employers did not provide adequate insurance or for those who want to retire early.  Now with ObamaCare we can obtain insurance coverage independent of our employment.  This increases our ability to live our life without having to worry about being financially ruined by a major illness of us or a family member.

            Of course all things are not perfect with this administration and I have a number of complaints as well.  However it is only fair to present a balanced picture.  Certain things are getting better and we should give the President some credit.  This includes the economy which has been improving.

  3. Lets not confuse liberalism with mismanagement of the City

    Lets not confusion being a liberal with the continued misuse of our tax dollars, but the city staff and council.

    The Mayor believes she can use our money for her agendas.

    The Peckish Pig Patio, was very interesting in that it was not even brought out at Council and the money was used.  Recently we see staff resufacing the council members and Wally's parking space, when they are going to be repaving the lot. None of this has anything to do with Liberalism, frankly most of these people are phony liberals at best.

    The Harley Clarke mess, while somewhat forgotten, shows a council quite willing to destory a major public park, while all the while claiming they are GREEN. By the way the council was quite willing to cut down over 200 plus trees and allow NU to build their parking garage, right next to our park.

    Anyone who thinks these people have the slightest clue about the budget, should listen to them, at the hearings. The Water tank, they want to replace at close to $30 million – who will it benefit?  If its move it will clearly benefit NU.  They have yet to explain the recent screw up on the bike project, yet they mentioned they might move NU utilities, who going to pay for this? All this for a 20% water  bill increase yet to come!

    What has the council meetings turn into one useless awards presentation after another, with Wally having staff go after awards, wasting hours of staff time to get them.

    Why the 3% budget cuts? It not quite clear whats going on with the budget, from this year and last, it appears as if they have run out of slush money and Wally needs more, also if you pay attention through out this year they have been approving projects that were never budgeted.

    For the record , I have Two Subaru Foresters! ( but No democrat stickers on them! I don't like visual polution. )


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