Jeff Smith, who finished fourth in Evanston’s mayoral primary, has endorsed Mark Tendam, the second-place primary finisher, in the April 4 runoff election.

Smith joins fifth place primary finisher Gary Gaspard in backing Tendam. Gaspard announced his endorsement late last week.

Smith, who lives in the 6th Ward, which Tendam has represented as alderman for the last eight years, cited that aldermanic experience as a reason for his endorsement.

He suggested that by contrast, the first-place finisher in the primary, Steve Hagerty, was “a rookie” in local politics who lacked experience in balancing the different perspectives of different segments of the community.

The third-place finisher in the mayoral primary, Brian Miller, hasn’t endorsed either of the mayoral candidates, at least based on what he’s posted to his Facebook page. He has said he favors Shawn Jones over Cicely Fleming in the race to succeed him as 9th Ward alderman.

In the mayoral primary, Hagerty got 44.4 percent of the vote, Tendam 22.5 percent, Miller 18.7 percent, Smith 12.8 percent and Gaspard 3.5 percent.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Experience vs Neophyte

    This is a good endorsement for Tendam.   It seems very likely that the 56% of voters that did not support Haggerty are moving towards Tendam.  In simple terms – the primary was 56% for the experienced candidates versus 44% for the neophyte, rich business guy.  I am voting for the been there, done a good job guy.  

    1. You just sold me on Hagerty.

      You just sold me on Hagerty.  All of the those “experienced” people are the people asking for $116 million in the D65 referendum, asking for $90 million more to maintain the D65 facilities, asking for a 33% increase in income taxes and not offering one solution to live within our means.

      They are the same people who have put Illinois $110 BILLION dollars in pension debt.

      A fresh perspective may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

  2. Who cares about his opinion?

    Who cares about his opinion?  Maybe he can try to get this one off the ballot as he tried earlier.

    1. Good for Jeff – he’s right.

      Good for Jeff – he’s right. Also, the D65 referendum is necessary and a D202 is great too. Our schools are the foundation of the community. We cannot turn our backs on them 

    1. People are Never Irrelevant

      People who run for public office deserve our respect and our thanks regardless of whether they win or lose.  They contribute their ideas and their passion and they do what they can to move the conversation forward.

      1. Are you kidding

        There are many more people than Jeff Smith that are irrelevant, at least in this election. These are people that waste the taxpayer dollar. I believe that, despite their many flaws, the 2 best mayoral candidates survived the runoff. Jeff never had a chance.

        No person’s life is irrelevant, only their actions.

        I believe Mayor ?????? will be better than the current mayor?

        Despite the new faces coming onboard this spring, it will not be enough to change our self-serving spend-aholic city council.

        The scarest part of this election is if the YES vote on the D65 referendum passes, how many people will be forced from their homes and apartments in Evanston. The scare tactics used by proponents is deplorable. The YES people who send their 1 or 2 pieces of false propaganda that fills my recycle bin are not being honest with you. The fact is Evanston home value are not going to increase $ 20 for each of the 14.9 million dollars in school spending.

        The only fact is that thousands of off home owners and renters will be hurt, if YES passes. The biggest losers will be the low income people. The seniors on fixed income who have managed to keep their homes because of the ability to apply for a senior freeze on home value for property tax purposes. This does not mean that the assessed valuation does not increase. They cannot appeal without losing this ability to keep lower taxes. If the senior freeze was at a value of $ 300,000 but the county assessment is now up to $ 1,000,000, this type of referendum increase will be paid at the high assessment amount while their tax base at the senior freeze assessment rate.

        It is time to tell the YES people, NO, I can’t afford another $ 300 – $ 2,000 dollars a year in property taxes.

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